Indian agricultural laborers work 16 hours a day and earn 2 and a half dollars a day. Garments workers in Bangladesh work 12 hours a day and make 2 dollars a day. Housewives in India and Bangladesh work all day long but gain nothing.

If hard work would be the key to success, then those labors would the most successful people in the world not mentioning construction workers in Dubai. I have worked for 25 years in several international organizations as well as corporate sector. I have never seen any hardworking person has had considerable success in life.

In best case scenario, they have made a reasonable living. In fact, hard-working is an obstacle to success. It presses people to do things that they may not like. Hard-working pushes people to become tired. It sometimes undermines creativity. People need relaxation, excitement, and pleasure to be creative and innovative. Hard-workers don’t have much time for leisure.

The quality of life is essential. Without having a good quality of life, it is not worth living. It is not hard work; you need creative energy to succeed. The power of your passion is your means to success, not worthless hardworking. Working hard is a constant burden both physically and mentally.

The effectivity of hard work usually is low. If a worker does not perform systematically and efficiently, he cannot contribute much to the society. The productivity is the most critical, but hard worker cant deliver good productivity. Thus a hard worker cannot provide success either to himself or the society.

Success has many different definitions, but it means at least a comfortable life with a lovely family. You must have space for quality time with your family and friends.You also need romantic time with your partner and make passionate sex. If you continuously work hard, you can no achieve even minimum success

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