One of the biggest challenges of waiting for developments is when you know how hard you have worked for them. When you know that you have gone through paths others have not created. When you have proved to yourself, that you have done the foundational work. Its frustrating! Quite frankly, it is downright hard. A person can find themselves becoming bitter, frustrated, and questioning if the hard word was even worth it. Yet, there is a precious jewel that awaits you! The greatest rewards do not come easy. And, they are only given to those special people, who are connected to the path of receiving them. Its very difficult to comprehend. Yet, it is something which needs to be dealt with. This is especially true for those amazing Spirits, who are almost on the brink of giving up because they are not being truly recognized, for the rewards that they are deserving of.

Special and unique rewards are reserved for those special and unique people. The greatest riches do not reward mediocricity. Its why faux praise and celebration is so common. Mediocricity is common. Its the reason for the vigilance of their presentation. Readily available and accessible. Mediocrity really has no boundaries. Yet, for those unique and great talents, it is angering when you see mediocre talents receive quick gifts or recognition. You begin to wonder if your talents are really. . .talents. A questioning of your value takes place. Furthermore, you begin to examine if all of your hard work is even worth it. Getting on the least desirable path, or even creating one of your own (in untamed soiling) is difficult. It means that you reallly have to dig your way into this soiling. Sometimes the soiling is not fertile. Nevertheless, you have to transform it into a space of fertility. That’s one of the traits of those gifted individuals. They go through insane and unusual forestry or plains, in order to receive the treasures at the end of the rainbow. Its downright agonizing, which is an understatement in its own right. However, just note that you are in for one surprise, as it pertains to being able to go through various challenges that few people take. Once you have dug your way through hardened soiling, Earth’s particles feel like sand, gliding through your fingertips. It is a greater hurdle that you have overcome. And, then, the frustration continues to, wait for it, linger.

Goodness, that feeling of inadequacy doesn’t get any better when you notice that you are still be devalued. Never getting the credit for what you are most deserving of. Even more agonizing, is not seeing the rewards right away. Just note that you have every right to vent your frustrations. You have every right to feel the emotions that you are feeling. Its natural. Its the human way! Anyone denying you, your right to express those subtle moments, when we highlight our frustrations, does not deserve your presence. Getting to the high fruits of life, requires you to go through those pivotal moments. That moment when you want to throw a coffee mug across the room because you are not benefiting from those high-value fruits. This comes through, especially, when you observe those not of that same level, being given quick rewards and attention. Express your frustrations and. . .keep going!

It is very important for special beings (with unacknowledged gifts) to continue to find pleasures in those frustrating and agonizing times. Afterall, what it states is that you are moving through your path in this infinite mass of black spacing. There is the common presence of that useless, malnutritious energy. And, then there is that rich and abundant energy, that you are feeling your way to get to. Those big balls of blackened treasures are hidden. It is the useless energy, which clouds their existence. Those special beings are unable to see them because their existence is clouded. Nevertheless, you feel them. The thing about special people, connected to those high-valuable treasures, is that there is a matching of energy to those rewards. Its why they are trying to get closer to them. Getting closer to those rewards is tricky because you have to go through the fake energy. Sometimes that energy is an imitation of the real energy, leading one in having to delve further into a knowledge base of holistic energy. Furthermore, you also have mediocre Beings, who are consistently trying to block you, or take rewards that they have not earned. Nevertheless, keep going.

Another positive plan for those special people, unacknowledged people, or devalued people, is to continue to keep a diary. Treasure a diary so that one’s thoughts and emotions are mapped out. That way when you have finally reached those high-valuable fruits, you can observe how you were able to get through those periods of despair, along the way. So, when another goal, in achieving other high-end fruits comes along, one is able to rely on previous experiences, thoughts, and words to get through that process.


Lastly, do not compare yourself to mediocricity. Stop comparing and getting envious at mediocre talents, when you see them getting a little exposure or getting half-eaten fruits (all because they have stolen or exploited ideas or energies from other people). When you do that, you are devaluing yourself and putting yourself on. . .their level. Literally! Know that your talents are rare. Not everyone is allowed access to them, or is allowed to have them. Once you take this into account, you will come to understand that. . . you and your artistry are high gems! It doesn’t mean that you don’t actively work to share your talents. Nevertheless, what it does showcase is that you cherish the artistry of words. Mediocre spirits or talents do not do that. Which is why their presence is everywhere. And, if you as a high-valuable, and highly-gifted talent chose to place your artistry in mainstream (and prevalent) spacing, your words will add unique color and design to that realm.

Yes! I know it can be hard. I know that it can be challenging. Needless to say, there is a way of bringing things into clarity. There is a way of finding beauty in things that seem impossible to acquire. Treat those hard difficulties, with soft words. It works in that regard. Tend to that softness as you would a flower. Speak on the beauties of those high-value fruits, as it will make the journey more delightful. Knowing that the hardships of getting to those real treasures are a difficult beauty, needing to experience. That way when the journey is over, one will grow to appreciate the experience. And, those high-value fruits will be even. . .more valuable!

Use words and positive affirmations to make that hard-value journey a little softer. It will take time to reach those extra-valuable fruits. And, when you come to the end, those fruits will be just ripe, for the taste in. . .a delightful sweetness of, success!