It’s easy to get influenced by the good parts of someone’s life- the glitz and glamour of the big house, fancy cars, champagne and the good life. The truth is you only see a small part of someone’s life and not the hard work and the discipline that goes into achieving success.

Dr. Saman(Sam) Bakhtiar is the Co-Founder of Camp Transformation Center that has impacted thousands of lives and grown to many locations with a vision of becoming a household name globally. However, he was close to losing it all in 2008 with his house in foreclosure and his ex-wife pregnant with their child, he knew he had to things turn around very quickly and after working extremely hard, the Camp Transformation Center is rising success. 

From 1-1 personal training to expanding their offerings to group training which proved to be very affordable, they decided to expand into other areas and people liked the modelled so much that they decided to franchise this concept which proved to be successful.

Being raised by a single mother, Sam immigrated from Iran to Pennsylvania, America after a series of bombings and fearing for their lives, his mother decided it was best to leave the country for a better life. 

After, not making the cut for the basketball team- Sam went to the local boys club after his mother told him that he should start training and try out again the following year. 

However, Sam was fascinated by the people training at the gym and their physiques which inspired him to train to become a Champion Bodybuilder that has won first place in every weight class- he is the only bodybuilder to accomplish this.

Sam advises other entrepreneurs that are looking to get good at sales to follow these 3 principles:

1. Believe in the product/service you sell.

2. Be passionate about the product/service you sell.

3. Be an authority in your space and the go to expert as others will develop trust and credibility around your brand.

The 3 entrepreneurs he’s admired include:

1. Andy Frisella

2. Ed Mylett

3. Tony Robbins

Sam also has a supplement company- One Percent Nutrition which is becoming the premier supplement company in the industry and a well-known brand in which he knows every ingredient and only the best ones are utilized to create the products. 

Sam uses creative marketing to promote the products and invests little to no marketing dollars- he does this through differentiating his company amongst the rest by educating consumers and only using the best ingredients. 

 In addition, he has appointed ambassadors that help market the product through social media because they believe in the company’s vision, messaging and feel proud promoting One Percent Nutrition.

Scaling to 7 figures and beyond is not an easy task but Sam provides 3 lessons entrepreneurs can implement to take their companies to that level:

1. Investing in personal development

2. Choosing your business partners wisely

3. Hiring the right people to help grow the company.

With Camp Transformation Center in the middle of expansion and growth, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it becomes a household name and franchise within the years to come. 


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