It’s time to say #LetsBeReal to all the respected #influencers on #SocialMedia, It feels good when you read stories, some real and the rest just another piece of fiction but you can also get bored by reading the churned versions of empathy stories, 

They start sounding like “empty stories”. 

Please ask your content writers to write some new stories, find some new ideas other than 

– ” why we hired him/her”, 

– ” How you helped 50 years old to get a job”, 

– ” Someone sent you an email thanking you to motivate as he or she have already applied to 500 jobs and they will apply to more” 

Motivation and inspiration are very important and we all need it on a daily basis, 

Please make it real, make it count and make it worthy of your followers, Real people need real stories. 

#LetsBeReal to make a difference.

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