Sometimes, when reflecting on one’s day, it takes a particular song, which gets one in the mood to tackle everything. It doesn’t matter it’s themes, or the message behind it. What does matter is how it feels to the listener? The manner of calm, focus, and healing are the essential elements to such a song, necessary for the rising of dawn. For it is during the comforts of dawn, where we heal, the best. Dawn is a gift from the Heavens, which moves one into that Heavenly peace we seek. It is a temporary reflection of Earth, though it is short-lived. Regardless of such, it was lived.

The breezes of the Dominican Republic continue to spread their gentle whispers. Close your eyes, and hopefully you can imagine the sensitive vibes of the breeze. Never forget and always remember. Love has a way of moving one back into alignment with balance. That’s the natural state, in which we were designed to be. Free flowing. Ever exploring. Curious in our design with nature, and further alignment with the Earth. Where did it all go? Most importantly, how do we get it back?

We will always write about the world of music, and the industry, which houses those gifted artists. Always. Such writings will never get old, as they are vast. They blanket the different corners of the Earth; varying from nation to nation, from culture to culture. Remember that music is gifted to us from Heaven. It will never get tiring or old. Even with the awakening of new genres, humanity can also return back to examine what took place, before.

While we talk about the morning dawn, the purpose of its harmony is to continue that energy into the next phase. Such relates to, the afternoon. Supposedly, that’s supposed to be the most chaotic aura of our day. Yes? Why so? Yes. There are the afternoon due dates. Remember the afternoon lunch breaks, which moves one into thinking mode. Needless to say, the afternoon is considered to be the energy of hasty dealings. What if we could examine it in another way. Perhaps, we could create a certain feel good vibe, which also found in the afternoon. It is meditative, smooth, and connected. In addition, it provides that same aura of the rising sun. Let’s rise, then. Afterall, there is no rush. What greater way to experience the timing of fruition after, in the latter portion of time.

Porque llora la tarde su llanto

entristece el Camino

porque llora teniendo belleza del sol y la flor

Porque llora la tarde sabiendo, que existe otro dia

Y alegrias despues de tormentas y dias de sol

Porque llora la tarde en el rio salpicando su lecho

Porque llora gritandole al viento angustia y dolor

Y la tarde ya sabe que usted se llevo mi carino

Yo comprendo que tambien la tarde solloza de amor

Sonia Silvestre