Harout Bedrossian

Harout Bedrossian is a Canadian Armenian pop singer. He is also known as a songwriter, music/ video producer besides a passionate musician. Harout talked about his latest release, “Summer Days” which is getting attention widely. The track was released on August 6. Harout sang it in collaboration with celebrity percussionist Dahov and Toronto-based R&B sensation Amber Hardey.

About the new track Summer Days:

Harout co-wrote lyrics of the song “Summer Days” and it was his first duet with an English singer. Recalling the shooting moments of the song “Summer Days” Harout became nostalgic and excited. He enjoyed working with the co-artists while shooting this song. He said “The fusion of Armenian music with English pop is a new addition to my music production. And I am really hoping that English music listeners would love my new track and enjoy it! As the global pandemic situation has caused restrictions for people to attend concerts and musical events I believe our audience would feel energetic while listening to the new releases like “Summer Days”.

Harout’s other Albums and songs:

Harout Bedrossian’s songs have gained fame on social media and musical platforms. Besides, he has his verified artist badges and fan pages on different music platforms. He likewise has an official artist channel on YouTube featuring his musical arts. His first Album “Shepatsour Ints” was released in 2004. Since then he has released many singles and albums collaborating his music with talented musicians and artists. He has also made a music video in memory of Christopher Artin, a Toronto-born hero who fought in the Artsakh war and he asserted it is very close to his heart.

Making the way to the music industry:

Harout grew up as a child being impressed by Armenian singers and developed his taste in Armenian music at an early age. He developed his artistic voice by singing church choir songs at the Armenian Church in Canada. People at the church used to appreciate his melodious voice very much. Following his self instinct and passion for music, Harout became an International artist over time. He also started writing and composing his songs gradually.

Achievements and further plans:

Harout always had his purpose to bring joy and happiness through his music to the youth and spark their love for music. Following this goal, He has uniquely contributed to Armenian pop music! That’s why he is also contributing to his Armenian community in Toronto as an active member. Harout considers people loving his art and enjoying it as a great achievement for him.

He has performed at many concerts in Canadian states. His artistic soul also caused him to travel overseas and entertain people. He has traveled to countries like the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Lebanon and performed there in a variety of languages.

Harout has many plans for his future, but he is currently focusing on the campaign of his newly released song “Summer Days”.