The Coronavirus pandemic will define 2020 for many generations to come. Amid all the lockdowns, quarantines and unfortunate deaths, the story of the year 2020 is both tragic and inspiring at the same time. Yet amongst all this chaos, comes a fundamental question about our purpose in life.

Some people will argue that their day job is their life’s purpose. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has brought with it a record number of unemployment especially in the United States. For these individuals, being out of work has brought a new sense of meaning to their lives beyond a pay check. Staying at home without a sense of structure could have lasting mental problems for such people.

Other people will argue that they have used this coronavirus period to find a new meaning in life. These folks have made it their goal to assist their neighbors get through this pandemic. Whether it is through offering medical help, food aid or mental health services; the coronavirus is not going to rob them of a purpose. Take musician Jim Meck as an example. Jim lives in Tacoma, Washington. He has been singing in shows for over 35 years. However, due to the pandemic, Meck had to come up with a way to uplift people while he was at home.

As a result, sidewalk serenade was born. Jim now sings for his neighbors from his porch. “His singing makes your day brighter and more bearable during this tough time,” one neighbor noted. While the pandemic might have robbed him of his music gigs, Jim has found a new purpose.

Businesses too have had to adapt to the pandemic. The economic effects of having to shut down your business can only be understated. Even in the face of this crisis, the decisions that a business makes with regards to its employees and operations will help determine its future post covid-19. As a matter of ethics, businesses should strive to put their employees first. Properly engaging employees while they are at home will help them maintain a sense of purpose as they look forward to getting back to work. Businesses should also look toward assisting the community around in whatever small way they can. A happy prospect is ultimately a happy buyer.

Lightbridge Academy is an early learning center for preschoolers with more than 50 locations in New Jersey. This institution offers a quality educational program for small children. However, due to the pandemic, it had to adjust. Through its vice president Jennifer Romanoff, Lightbridge Academy conducts educational programs for thousands of kids via its Facebook page. As Romanoff bluntly puts it, ”We want to give the children something not only to learn, but also something that is fun.”

It is easy to lose the meaning of life during this pandemic. This may lead you to having profound negative effects on both your physical and mental health. The key during this pandemic is to choose a path and follow it. Do not let the coronavirus steal your purpose. Finding meaning during these difficult times will enable us get through to the other side stronger than before.