In part 1 of this 3 part series I spoke to you about how as entrepreneurs we’ve become completely brainwashed by Facebook and we haven’t even realised it and I walked you through how you could find your tribe over on Instagram.

In part 2 we looked at how you can begin to engage with those newly found tribe members and begin to start building up your customer base, clicks to website and of course followers.

Now in part 3 I want to help you round the logistics of not getting completely lost in your phone with all this. It’s easily done, smart phone has magic powers which speeds up time, or at least it feels that way. Before you know it you’ve been on your phone 3hrs and half you day is gone! Honestly there is a better way…

Networking without getting lost within your device for hours

As a mum, I’ve had to learn how to run my business in the most time effective way possible. Most people are surprised to learn that I run my entire Instagram account within those precious few minutes a day that I get in between all my mum tasks. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to add another platform to your communication channels choosing one that gives you a great ROI will be a high priority.

I only network for around an hour a day on Instagram and that looks like 30 mins in the morning with my morning tea and then a further 30 mins in the evening once my mini me is in bed and that’s it! I do however spend an additional hour on either a Saturday or a Sunday morning setting up the week ahead posts according to my content schedule for that week.

I focus each day on the new posts that have been added to those target accounts I’m hanging out in. I don’t wander off and find anything outside of that structure unintentionally. There is a time and a place for that when you’ve exhausted the targeted account and need to find a new location to target. This also ensure that you are targeting those who are most active within the platform. Accounts can have thousands of followers but that doesn’t mean they are all active.

I pay more attention to the sales posts as this will indicate to you who within that account are in a buying mindset. If you see a post that is clearly marked with a call to action and people have commented on that, I make sure to check out each and every person’s profile who has commented on that post. As before if I feel that person is a potential future client I will comment and like their posts accordingly hoping to attract them as a follower.

This 3 part series is essentially how I use Instagram each and everyday and it’s generates over 90% of my business traffic and lead generation. It has become my go to platform and I find it much more simple than having to learn all the logistics of each and every Facebook group you might want to network in.

If you’re looking to learn more about Instagram and online visibility you can find me each day within my community Making Visibility Effortless. 


  • Sam Bearfoot

    Instagram & Biz Boss Lasy

    Sam has worked in the online space for more than 13 years. 10 of those years was spending within the health industry which included being a Radio Presenter and Podcaster with more than half a million downloads to her name.   Now she focuses her energy on helping her audience stand out on a crowded market while using their authentic voice. She has an Instagram follower network of over half a million and more than a 600 follower network across the social media space.