Violence shapes and obsesses our society, and if we do not stop being violent we have no futures.”  Edward Bond, English playwright

I mention this as a response to the violence of the past couple of weeks here in the United States; the pipe bomb threats, the deadly attack on a Pittsburg synagogue, and the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA., are clear reminders that we, as a culture, are vulnerable to this obsession like never before. And lets not forget the most passive form of violence- verbal abuse of others based their race, creed, color and/or beliefs.

The important question is: why do people hate? Hatred is born of fear. Fear manifests itself in countless ways, and violence is one of them. So, let’s explore the topic of fear.

Fear is deeply ingrained in our culture in many ways. We often engage and react in our day- to- day lives from a place of fear, primarily based on survival instincts. Hate and fear actually work together. Why, because fear is the absence of love. Love is our universal true Nature.

Fear is insidious by its very nature because it projects hate. What is the cause of fear? According to The Course in Miracles, fear and hate stem from the divided ego, which separates us from our natural  state of interconnectivity with one another and all things. The mere idea of separation from that wholeness breeds fear, and this, all to often, can breed violence.

Fear and hatred are an illusion. They do not exist within love and wholeness. “Remember that nothing unreal  exist and nothing real can be threatened. Therein lies peace.” ACIM

Is it not time to begin again?


  • Adam C. Hall

    Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of The Genius Process

    Adam Hall Adam Hall, Speaker, Author, Founder of the Genius Process, empowers individuals and organizations to unleash their genius to rediscover and align their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. Adam’s background includes twenty-four years as the founder and CEO of a Los Angeles based Middle Market Real Estate Investment Bank. During his tenure, he raised in excess of $1.5 billion from both private and institutional sources. He served as principal on several successful commercial real estate projects.  His accomplishments earned him recognition and stature in the community. In 2004, Adam underwent a profound awakening. This began a period of deep discernment, exploration, research and study of Eastern and Western modalities, as well as, Indigenous wisdom traditions, Jungian psychology, and Quantum Mechanics. After a courageous and intensive process of initiations, Adam came to a comprehensive understanding of consciousness, the nature of reality and how this knowledge can be accessed and applied to one’s personal and business life. In 2007, Adam founded Earthkeeper Alliance Legacy Partners LLC., a for-profit B-Corp dedicated to land conservation and un-development. In 2016, he retired to consult with individuals and organizations to help them rediscover their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. As Founder of the Genius Process, Adam offers a new quantum mindset based on wholeness, as opposed to individualism and separation. His work fully integrates the biological, physiological, psychological, and ecological aspects of human nature with spiritual law and universal intelligence. He specializes in supporting leaders and companies to transform how they live their lives and do business to serve the greater good.   In 2013, Adam authored The Earthkeeper, Undeveloping the Future, published by Hay House. His upcoming books include The Divine Design, The Thirteen Wisdom Teachings of the Genius, and Wisdom for the Everyday Spiritual Traveler, a pocket guide to a life of Joy.  Adam lives in Santa Barbara, California where he spends his time mentoring young leaders, doing community and planetary stewardship work, as well as, other philanthropic endeavors dedicated to land conservation and education. He is a life long learner and is devoted to reinventing the planet. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, four granddaughters and communing with Mother Nature.