No time to get dressed in the AM? No problem.

I was a fuseaux girl in the ’80s, caught in the middle of a ’pants with elastic band under the sole” epidemic, that made me think all along that it was hot to wear them, and that it was imperative to pay homage to the aerobic movement. I would sport stirrups 5 days out of 7, with the colors ranging from black to psychedelic.

I can’t say that I am fond of that fashion choice, and I still cringe looking at flash back pictures of me and my girlfriends in stirrups and ballerina flats (even though the sight of shoulder pads in those photos make me cringe even more). But that self imposed uniform, that I wore through high school, has been a blessing in disguise nowadays, when it comes to savvy dressing choices.

Fastforward to the new Millennium and the hashtag trending in my closet is leggings, like in #blackleggings. That’s my not so secret hack. I can change the thickness of the pants’ fabrics, the lenght can go from full to crop, but the staple is here to stay, almost 365 days a year. The reasons are simple: #blackleggings go with anything, they can be clement with any shape and size, they fit nicely into over the knee boots, regular boots, and ankle boots, and they are not so bad with shoes either. I can sport them with an oversize sweater (ah, the ’80s are still ruling here), with a short dress, a mini skirt, a long camisole, a cardigan, a midriff crop top, if I dare. They won’t disappoint, day or night, and in case I feel like, I am ready to use my lycra top and go the athletic route, from working in to working out. Think about precious, industrious time saved in the morning when you can grab one pair of your leggings, all looking the same but still different in their universally flattering color, and with the assuredness of someone who does not care if it is raining or shining, cold or warm, if it is going to be a meet and greet kind of day or just plain office workday, slip in the best supporting system ever invented (well, someone would argue about this, but I’ll say preventitively that I have a small bust, so the statement rings true for me). Sure, I’ll still have to think about my upper body, but any of the above mentioned combinations or the iteration of one will do. Plus, now I can have fun and play with different shoes and bags. Because, mind you, comfort and energy saving do not mean I have to give up sassiness and coolness. Elegance and style.

I still have to flaunt my #blackleggings at a gala, but definitely they accompany me at cocktail parties, openings, and other soiree’. So, in conclusion, I proudly and clearly put my #blackleggings next to Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodies, late Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks, Kanye West’s baggy shirts, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, and my scientist husband’s jeans.

I hope I convinced some of you to go this way, in the name of #repeats, #rimettilo, #reindossalo, and #reclaim. And if not, it’s probably because I still didn’t tell you the best feature of all: #blackleggings have no buttons nor zippers! How about that?

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