Every day we read stories about #empathy, creating #value for others, How open and #helpful people are on #socialmedia, great #inspiration and #motivational posts, all day long, 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

We see thousands of #like, #comment, #share and people patting shoulders, clapping and cherishing the pearls of wisdom generously thrown on #socialmedia.

But, Hey, You know what?
The only thing I see in the mirror is “Me”

The only person I see winning or losing is “Me”

The only person I see hustling every day is “Me”

And, Guess what, Who is going to help? 

The only person I see helping myself is “Me” 

Here is what I repeat all day as the answer to my problems & challenges,

Who is going to get you out? #onlyme

I am starting this hashtag #onlyme and would love to see some real stories by ordinary people and everyday hustlers like me. 

LCST (Like, Comment, Share, Tag) with hashtag #onlyme