What a cliché thing to say: “I hate Mondays.”

You don’t hate Mondays. What you hate is the fact that you’ve lost sight of your vision.

Do you want to know what a Monday feels like to an entrepreneur?

Let me tell you: There is no such thing as a Monday. In fact, Monday is every day. All the catching up that happens on a Monday, that’s every day. All of the responsibilities that come with showing up Monday morning, that’s every day. All of the stresses that come with planning for the week ahead, that’s every day.

To an entrepreneur, a Monday is a Tuesday is a Wednesday is a Sunday.

Every day matters.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and you’re showing up to work on Mondays saying to yourself, “Wow, I hate Mondays,” it’s not the day of the week you hate. It’s the fact that you no longer remember what it is you’re working toward. You have lost the clarity that comes with manifesting your dream and what it is you’d rather be doing.

In order to actually take the leap and become a successful entrepreneur, you need to start seeing Mondays as every day. There is no difference. Every day is a day is a day.

This is a topic I’m extremely passionate about. Any successful person I know treats every day like a brand-new canvas. It’s theirs to paint, and they do so with excitement and enthusiasm for their work.

If you think you need to leave your job in order to cultivate this mindset, you’re off track. It’s the process of actually cultivating this mind-set while you’re inundated with distractions that ultimately allows you to take the leap and build what it is you want to build in the first place.

Need some Monday-morning hype? Check out what I had to say about the topic while chatting with PRSUIT founder Case Kenny.

Originally published on Inc.com.

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