How credible is your brand on social media? Are you trust worthy enough for your users to make purchasing decision from your networks? There should be a lot going into selling on social media.

Your brand has endless opportunity to reach more distinct and curate audiences with social media. Social platforms like Facebook are great channels through which you can interact with your audiences, tailor content and meet their current needs or interest.

According to Facebook company info there are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, includes 17% spikes in two years. For your business or brand or an enterprise company, this is the social channel which is unavoidable, if you are trying to create worthwhile marketing through social media.

As per, Forbes’s Colleen Francis, a sale experts and president of engage selling says that she has seen salesperson pursue leads using social media and end up with sales of between $30,000 and $250,000.

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. Moreover Facebook contest also helps in boosting your business.

As mentioned by Denver based social media marketing company “Main Street Media 360”, social media has played a major part in growth of economy and potential spend. It is the biggest influencers in growing economy.

Marketers should not be afraid to coming at the forefront in the terms of selling on Facebook. And with the right mindset and plan of action with your customers, you can use the platform to increase sale.

Getting Started Selling in Social Media –

We will survey around 3 important services in this content:-

  • Business Services or Products

  • Clothes (E-commerce service)

  • Food (Restaurant Services)

Let us explore some brilliant success stories from brands in mind, you can roll out your Facebook campaigns that totally slays.

  1. Food or Restaurant Services

Case Study – Khaas Food

Goal- Khaas food wanted to increase sales by 25% and new customer by 30%

Strategy applied by Khaas Food

  • 2 phase strategy to increase its sale. It focused on engaging existing customer and targeted ads to new customers to increase sales.

  • Created photo and carousel ads featuring some of its best- product

  • Added Facebook pixel to its site, to identify the customer who purchased and visited their site.

  • Ran a brand awareness campaigns with the audience appealing with photo and popular food products.

Success Achieved –

  • 45% increase in sale

  • 40% increase in new member

  • 42% increase in return on ad spends.

As said by the Co – founder of Khaas Food (Habibul Mustafa) – Facebook is a great platform for small and medium size businesses. It has helped us not only reach our target customers with minimal efforts, but also expedited our business growth.

Our Expert Advice – Through the Facebook carousel ad, custom audiences and running different campaigns, it not only increase it sale but also engage new customers to their service.


Goal – Reaching more diners to visit its brick and mortar restaurants locations

Strategy applied by KFC

  • KFC ran ads that used Facebook store visits ad objective.

  • KFC developed carousel ads featuring appetizing photos and videos.

  • Introduced call to action button along with the map to the closest KFC locations

  • KFC also used Facebook’s store visits reporting.

Success Achieved –

  • 2.4 million Store visits.

  • US$0.49 per store visit, on average.

  • 27 million people reached

Our Expert Advice – KFC’s strategy of Facebook’s store visit reporting helped them in increase in restaurant traffic and higher sales. Their campaigns idea has put them ahead of the curve from other industries in terms of their competitors.

  1. Clothes ( E-commerce)

Nothing sales more than a fashion brand via online. You must not miss social media if you are a fashion entrepreneur.

How to Promote Your Clothing Line on Facebook

  • Set up a popup store and advertise to your users around your locations.

  • Create Facebook ads that drive users to your site.

  • Use Facebook ads to re target people and increase the sales.

  • Introduction of new launchers

  • Disclose Special Launch

  • Summer campaign and winter campaign

  • Announced Clearance or end season sales

  • Disclose unique ideas

Case Study – ASOS

Goals- To drive more online sales

Strategy applied by ASOS –

  • Asos partnered with Facebook’s solution engineering to build the dynamic ad

  • Asos worked with Facebook and tracked the app performances.

  • Providing deep linking information of mobile app within its product catalogue.

Success Achieved –

  • 35 % more people reached.

  • 3x increase in orders

  • 2.5 x increases in return on ad spend.

Our Expert Advice – As per Asos, users are mostly on mobile app, they targeted their audiences of mobile app with the dynamic ads. This targeting through mobile apps offers them increase in orders and sales. And customers experienced more compelling shopping experience.

Max Fashion –

Goal – Max fashion wanted established the return on ad spend on its Facebook campaigns.

Strategy applied by Max Fashion

  • Max fashion worked with Facebook Marketing partner on a campaign for actionable results.

  • It worked with ROI HUNTER to create Facebook matches to be targeted with stylish links ads promoting store and coupons.

  • The campaigns are run for 3 weeks with fresh data content.

Success Achieved –

  • 26X increases in return on ad spend.

  • 2,500 conversion in online.

  • $99,000 revenue from online purchase.

  • $564,000 revenue from in-store purchases measured.

Our Expert Advice – The use of ROI Hunter by max fashion is a great step. In course of this max fashion offer online coupons and promotion of their store via Facebook. This gave them sale online as well as offline. It is always easier to convert a clothe buyer than any other customer.

  1. Business Services –

An e-commerce platform is always helpful to sell product on Facebook shop. Shopify offers the Facebook only options is a full suite of product listing, order, shipping management tool to save your time.

Case study –

360 imprimir –

Goals – To reach new audiences in new regions and to understand new markets.

Strategy applied by 360 imprimir

  • It uses carousel ads and ads that linked there website to reach Facebook’s global.

  • Uses custom audiences to reach the customers who required design and printing.

  • Used Lookalike Audiences to make new customers and create brand awareness.

Success Achieved –

  • Over 6 million people reached every month.

  • Through Facebook monthly sales increase by 30%

  • 11% increase in conversion rate.

Our Expert Advice – It is always important to target your audience and play your ad where your targeted audience engage more. Carousels ad is a great step to increase your brand sale.

Store Hub –

Goal – To increase the efficiency of lead generation campaigns

Strategy applied by Store Hub –

  • During the Facebook ad campaign, it combines the canvas and lead ads.

  • Canvas featured customer testimonials to sign up for free demonstration.

  • Used Lookalike Audience to create brand awareness among the existing customers.

Success Achieved –

  • 3.3X increase in sale conversion

  • 74% more efficient in driving leads.

  • 53% lower cost per lead.

Our Expert Advice – The main target always should be gaining more leads in lower cost. Facebook ads targeting is always helpful to create awareness about the product among the right people.

Brands today instead need to understand what’s working on the platform today and the tactics outlined above are fair game for marketers of all shapes and size.


  • Parul Dutta is a passionate and professional writer from India. She has been creating valuable content for years. She is a specialist in health, social media marketing, and creative writing. Christen is a graduate of the College of Journalism and Communications Weimer Hall. She has also done her survey in International communication. Her experienced and expertise are hard-earned.