#(Note: This article is dedicated to all the ethical leaders I have come across and those who also directly/indirectly influenced me positively)#

………………..I once had a boss who was extremely enthusiastic, passionate to the core and possessed infectious enthusiasm.He liked to take challenges and enjoyed leading from the front and owned responsibility for his actions.

Not only that! He even believed that the buck stopped with him.(The buck stops here, my boss used to tell me!….So the process of leadership starts with looking internally and identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses and aligning all that is good for a positive result)

He was always available and would do everything possible to make sure that the entire team members would work cohesively towards achieving the goal and would do anything under the sun to make sure that group worked in tandem and there is no unwanted “dynamics” taking place within the group. But by doing so he also made sure that he has been democratic in his ways and never otherwise. Thinking of it now and looking back it would have been difficult for him to manage it so well with so much of intricacies and people from a diverse background working together. Aligning them to a common goal and taking forward needed a lot of vision and high energy! So I would like to call him Energizer.

So…….Leaders need to be energizers?.…..Contrary to this I also happened to witness a boss who was diametrically opposite. Someone who believed in being a task master and taking everyone for granted. For him other than the end goal nothing else mattered. He was a disciplinarian to the core and avoided people coming up openly with ideas and implemented strict framework necessitating everyone to adhere to the guidelines. The issues were more within the group, and there was absolutely no trust among the team members. It seemed everyone was fighting for own survival and in the process pulling down each other resulting in chaos and making it difficult to achieve the goal.

 So…….Leaders need to be energizers?

  • Energizers help move the ball forward in the smoothest possible manner and the result is achieved even faster without we even knowing about it!

They could easily convert negativity to positivism.Most of the natural leaders are very good at influencing positively.They are genuinely caring…It is hard to fake!

  • They have high level of confidence….. The beauty with the energizer personalities is that it would have been tough for them (going might have been not favorable for them personally and they might be fighting something difficult in their life)  but they still would be able to instill confidence, hide all that they are going through and infuse energy and enthusiasm.They are good at holding people together.They have the courage to embrace change if needed

Some people become leaders no matter what their chosen path because their positive energy is so uplifting. Even in tough times, they always find a way. They seem to live life on their terms even when having to comply with someone else’s requirements. When they walk into a room, they make it come alive. When they send a message, it feels good to receive it. Their energy makes them magnets attracting other people.The best way to inspire people to superior performance is to convince them by everything you do and by your everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them.

(One should have bundles of positive energy which allows them to tackle  challenges.So if you are aspiring to become a leader…then you should start developing this art! of being able to make decisions during difficult times even when supported by minimum reliable background information! without getting disturbed!)

Just plain energy is a neglected dimension of leadership. It is a form of power available to anyone in any circumstances. While inspiration is a long-term proposition, energy is necessary on a daily basis,just to keep going.

Have you ever had a boss who positively influenced you? Have you ever had someone who ended up energizing you when you were really down? I was lucky to have many such and even today get benefitted by listening to them though I work as a consultant and I am on my own(Thanks RM Sir and others who keeps supporting..)

“People may hear your words but they feel your attitude”…...

And the #bestadvice…….People inspire you, or they drain you.PICK THEM WISELY!

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