Do you hear the words coming out of your mouth?

Like really listen to the words coming out of your mouth.

In my 20’s I heard myself begin the narration of my life with ‘a was a pour black girl from a poor black family.’ A rewrite to Steve Martin’s 1975 movie The Jerk.

In my 30’s; I was all about traveling. Where I was going and where I have been.  My son described me as a ‘rolling stone’; a label I proudly wore. 

In my 40’s; it was all about being a traveling bartender. The combination of adventures, meeting new people, all while making good money was orgasmic. 

When I hit my mid-forties, the story switched to my accident.

The months after my accident I never wanted to go out in public.

I couldn’t handle the constant question: “what happened?”

Even when I was healed up and wandering around Europe.  The story I told involved that accident.

I resented that accident until I learned I became grateful for it.

That accident was a catalyst for me going ‘inward’ to change the ‘outward’.

I was already a pretty positive go-lucky gal.

Full of laughter on an easy path of to my destiny.

Yet. Yet!

I always had the feeling that I was missing something.

That was why I was constantly blowing up my life.

There was a subconscious story filled with low vibration emotions on a loop in my experience.

I realize this…

Once I became aware.

Awareness of self.

“Thoughts become things.  If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

-Bob Proctor

Awareness is a stimulating.

The air becomes lighter.

Colors become brighter.

Patterns emerge.

Patterns formed with circumstances and people in your life that are giving evidence to the story you tell.

           Ask you shall receive

I have downloaded that I am a magnet.

The vibrations I hold shows up in my life.

I am super conscious that my emotions are my vibration gage.

That is why, I check in with myself periodically during the day. 

Becoming present with random deep breaths.

I made the decision to change my story.

That decision makes my life very interesting on a daily basis.

It shifted my perspective inward for answers.

My mindset moved into a journey of getting acquainted with ‘true self’.

It is never too late to change the story.

I am in the middle of it right now.

Waking up every morning with the feeling of being ‘FREE’.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.