What is it that gives you immense satisfaction or joy or fills you up with great rigour?

What is the most enjoyable activity for you?

What do you really like and what is it that just you do to gain that mass approval and appreciation?

You need to ask many such questions to your real self to arrive at your real motivation.

The one or many things that keeps you going no matter what, the things which keep you lively and sane in tumultuous times.

A couple of exercises helping you to connect with your true drive :

  1. Start with your work – Lucky are those who work for their passion but very few get that privilege. Obviously you got into your day job because at some level you wanted to be there, interested in it.You might discover sometime that it might have become monotonous or not that great anymore. So what can you do for that? Of course you can reach out for new challenging tasks or try to reinvent and redirect your work inline with your imagination, there can be unlimited possibilities of making your day work a beautiful day at work, explore with a new vantage point. 
  2. Focus on Hobbies – Work alone cannot give you all the satisfaction, you really need to unplug from what you do 9 hours on a daily basis to something refreshing, rejuvenating.Identify your calling and make it regular, maybe you start scaling greater heights after a little while.
  3. Network – Motivation comes best when we see outer examples of exemplary excellence and vision ourselves at the same place one day.Try to network more inside and outside your sphere of interest to find out what drives others, keeping them on their dancing toes.How you can learn, engage and leverage more from them for your direction, discovery and development.
  4. Try new avenues – When you are out on quest for the quencher, never hesitate to try out untrodden waters as you might stumble across the one which you never thought you can do brilliantly.It can be a while before you find your destination but be wary as too much divergence can keep you off the course.
  5. Keep changing tasks but do not multitask – When trying to make something interesting, one might be tempted to change and bring in new tasks, challenges and experiments – a good strategy though, but never fall into the trap of multitasking and hoping to be a super achiever as without your knowledge you might not be very productive even in a single activity and scientifically it even lowers your IQ.
  6. Something out of nothing  – There are often times when one is so bogged down, doesn’t feeling like doing anything, can’t do it, zeroed, blanked.Shift yourself completely in such times, do something entirely different, not for the sake of learning new but just to refill and recharge your drained out battery.
  7. Don’t let go – Tough times are the best times when you can use your drive to keep going – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.You can really find out the best outcome of your drive during challenging times.
  8. Persevere – Any new habit takes 21 days to form – says all best practices gurus.So is the case with your newfound bliss. Do not get disheartened if its a slow ride in the start and you are not able to achieve the expected outcome.Success and satisfaction takes their own sweet time and efforts.
  9. Observe and Measure – Once you start practicing your interests and try to grow, you will soon find out the activity which brings out the best in you, give you a new personality, a glimpse of what you really are to yourself and the world out there.

The one which gives you real identity, your niche, be it anything, however small it may seem, it can mean the world to you.