Have you ever read or seen “The Secret?” It was a wildly popular book published in 2006 that was made into a movie. Spiritual & New Age communities widely embraced the principles laid out in the book; so much so that Oprah Winfrey even raved about it! It was all about the “Law of Attraction” and laid out a number of steps and principles necessary to manifest ones desires. One of the “secrets” was how Feng Shui is actually a manifesting tool! However, no one seems to remember that part of “The Secret.” Without going into great detail, some of the other steps include Visualizing, Verbalizing, Acting As If and Feeling As If your dreams are coming true.


Feng Shui is certainly the least understood and discussed part of “The Secret” recipe to manifestation. Perhaps the omission of this step is the reason why so many people became disillusioned with the concept of manifesting and their ability to do so. Listen, Science and Psychology support the fact that your environment and “Micro” experience of life helps to directly determine your “Macro” experience of life. It all goes back to Nurture versus Nature and Epigenetics. Feng Shui is a way to Nurture and cultivate your environment and experience of life such that things play out in a much more desirable way. 

Among all of the new age practices and belief systems, Feng Shui is probably the least woo-woo! Seriously… It’s actually very practical. It’s an Earth Science that focuses on situating yourself in an environment in the safest most empowering position all the while being in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth. People sometimes mock what they don’t understand. Most people simply don’t know what Feng Shui actually is and want to attribute religious views to it. I have heard people insist that Feng Shui was against their religion. I’m pretty sure Space Planning is not something that is actually against anybodies religion. While there are energetic and transcendental aspects to Feng Shui, it is not a religion and it works even if you don’t get super woo-woo about it. I do believe investing your energy and focus into your desired outcome enhances the efficacy of your Feng Shui but with or without the woo-woo, Feng Shui will still improve your life. 

Personally, I think the easiest part of manifesting is Feng Shui. It’s something physical and tangible you can do that doesn’t require a huge leap of faith. I have personally struggled with the believing and feeling parts of manifesting and I know I’m not the only one. I’m here to tell you that Feng Shui can make those steps of the manifesting recipe so much easier. The visual cues Feng Shui incorporates into your environment will support your ability to believe and envision a brighter future. A safe, comfortable and harmonious environment, will help support your well being and ability to move forward with a more positive attitude in the world. If you can imagine it, speak about it and feel into a desired outcome, you might as well act upon it as well! Feng Shui is a physical language that empowers you to act on and do something about what you want. It is equally effective in enhancing your life at home and at work. In fact, Feng Shui isn’t about a singular act or event but rather an ongoing dialogue and relationship with your environment.


I am a champion for democratizing Feng Shui and making it accessible to the masses. I believe it’s my life’s purpose. Feng Shui is an earth science and a physical language that is over 5000 years old. I liken it to energetic farming. It empowers us to create a setting that supports our hopes and dreams and to make the journey to achieving them all the more pleasant. This type of self motivated action ultimately helps reinforce your ability to achieve your goals. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui or could use my help to make sacred space for your blessings, reach out here: Book The Feng Shui Lady


  • Laura Carrillo

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