Have you Seen significant drops in reach of your facebook post or pages? If yes then you should read this.

Have you ever heard about “Engagement bait”?

If no, no problem I will tell you what it is, it is same as click bait. Every day you have seen on youtube with some catchy/fake headlines or thumbnail to get more clicks.

I will give you one famous example.

Everyone knows the youtuber pewdiepie(most subscribed youtube channel 58 million subscribers). He made one video, namely “deleting my channel at 50M”.

and after that video, the video went viral. Every media website covered his story. He crossed 50M subscribers.

He made another video, namely Deleting my channel, and In the video, he said it’s a joke. LOL

“deleting my channel at 50M,” this type of thing is called click bait.

Now let’s get back to the main point what is engagement bait. It is similar to the click bait. Check this example of all types of bait nowadays using to gate more reach, reactions, and shares.

A few days back facebook Operations Integrity Specialist, Henry Silverman, posted that 

they will begin demoting individual posts from people and Pages that use engagement bait by using there machine learning model.

Publishers and other businesses that use engagement bait tactics in their posts should expect their reach on these posts to decrease.

Meanwhile, Pages that repeatedly share engagement bait posts will see more significant drops in reach.

Page Admins should continue to focus on posting relevant and meaningful stories that do not use engagement bait tactics.

So from my point of view, this is the reason that you are facing the significant drops in your page traffic.