Haha! Yes, eating icing is a real thing for me. Do I love icing, I mean who doesn’t? But let me tell you, I really, really love icing. Like I can’t stop thinking about it when I see it, taste it, or hear someone talk about building the perfect wedding cake. It’s all I obsess over when I see a picture of cake – what does the icing taste like, is it creamy like whipped cream or smooth and gritty like sugar, maybe it has a flavor, or perhaps it’s fluffy and buttery melting in my mouth. Who can relate here?

Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram posts, I am instantaneously drawn and habitually stop at the sight of cake with swirly flowers or colorful creations, dreaming and wondering what the icing must taste like, feel, and smell. That fluffy stuff I am simply going to refer to as crack just captivates my taste buds, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s pure icing insanity!

I mean it’s so addicting that when I go to order a cupcake or two from my favorite bakery, I ask for a side of icing. What, who does that? Me and probably many of you reading this. I know I am not alone because I have talked to so many others who do this same thing. The question is why then did I lean over the counter whispering my request? I mean really gals (and guys), I leaned over the counter and in a quiet whisper with a smirk on my face as I ordered that vegan flavored birthday cupcake and said, “can I get a side of icing to-go with that?” Why did she look at me like this has never been asked before? For heaven’s sake (and that icing is like heaven in the mouth), I know I can’t possibly be the only one who has ever asked for this before. There really is no need to make me feel a fool. I mean I know my request is a bit out there, but let’s be honest, I know the ladies at that bakery probably sit in the back sucking that sweet addiction down like butter on a piece of corn, licking every morsel that winds up on their fingers or off the cake plate. How could you not, the stuff is intoxicating and anyone who says it isn’t is in denial!

If I could swim in a big vat of it every day, I would. I would inhale the sugar overload consuming it as my food staple for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who is going to join this nonsense and say, me too?! It’s like an addiction, a sweet obsession and I have not been completely out of the closet about until now. Why come out and talk about this, because I want everyone else who has an icing addition to being out of the closet too! Why should we hide the very thing that brings us joy? For years I have been slinking off to secretly, privately finger swipe a taste of the fluffy stuff that covers the carb loaded sponge underneath. Or I would offer to cut the cake so I could grab indulging leftovers of the icing I just so happened to leave behind as I plucked the square of cake off the serving board onto your small dessert plate. Then I would inhale all the slivers and hunks of icing just waiting for me, enjoying every morsel of sugar explosion. Not to mention that I would slide the corner piece aside, hoarding it for myself later since, well, ya know it has the most icing. It’s sad when I go to a wedding or a party, and the main focus for me is the cake and what piece am I going to get? And I am not obsessed with the cake itself; no that carb loaded sponge underneath the delectable dreamy icing is not what I am after. No sir re, I want the gooey, sugary, yummy goodness on top that just calls my name and says “eat me” every time I see it, in every bakery I enter, and every cake (or cupcake) that presents itself at every event I attend! You have got to be kidding me, but I am not!

Am I out of line with this addiction? Some might say I am a bit warped, but I am willing to bet that many of you can relate to this on some level. I will say that I am biased to white icing versus chocolate. But when I am left to only chocolate, I don’t turn it down. The mashing of any icing between my teeth and then it slipping down my throat is like pure ecstasy. I guess we must pick our battles right? I have been fighting this “sugar” addiction for some time, and I have concluded that it’s not a “sugar” thing. It’s an icing thing. I don’t crave candy bars, Gummi Bears, or Chocolate Chip Cookies. Nope, and I certainly don’t crave cake or cupcakes for the cake part. I crave icing, and even when I know I am not supposed to have it because I know what it does to my thighs, I still want it, and I still inhale, indulge, and suck it down when the opportunity strikes. So to all my fellow icing lovers, ice on and be sure to let me know where I can find the BEST icing around!