One of the most important aspects of living your
dream life is deciding upon a grand goal – the great vision of your
life. Achieving personal happiness is difficult if you don’t have an
overarching goal to achieve, a theme that inspires you to keep going
when times are tough and that isn’t compelling enough to even get you
out of bed in the morning. If you are the kind of person who
struggles to get motivated to even wake up or take a shower, let
alone go to work, school or university, then you need a goal. The
best way to start thinking about your Big Goal is to start by
considering what it is that gets you excited. It might be something
like computer games – in which case, your grand goal might be to
become a computer programmer or games designer. If you really like
helping people, like I do, and that really excites you, you might
want to consider being a counsellor or social worker. However, don’t
stop there! Your big goal (if you’re thinking about becoming a games
designer) should be to set up your own games company or launch a new
type of console or some other larger vision. If you want to be a
counsellor, think even bigger and consider setting up your own
drop-in centre or counselling service. It doesn’t matter what your
big dream is, as long as it –

MOTIVATES YOU to get up in the morning and work
on achieving it step-by-step every day

COMPELS YOU to overcome all obstacles to
achieving it, so that you never get “down” or want to give

FULFILLS YOU in its towering vision and
all-encompassing scope of satisfying your personal needs and deepest
desires on many levels, so that it becomes “your life’s work”

BRINGS YOU closer to happiness the more you
work on achieving it

TRANSCENDS the “norm” of everyday
living to transform your life into something greater than yourself,
so that you and your vision complement each other and are an
expression of each other

Now, it’s not necessary to have the same dream for
your whole life – you may find that what you thought would satisfy
you when you were 20 years old does not fulfill you when you’re 45 –
if so, change it! The more you understand yourself, the more accurate
your dream will be in allowing you to have the life you’ve always