Sleep is not an optional lifestyle luxury; sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity. It is a life support system, and it is mothers natures best effort yet at immortality.` Matthew Walker.

What exactly does happen to our bodies when we sleep, and why is it so crucial to our physical and mental well being?

Lack of sleep ages you in terms of critical wellness and virality. It makes us disorientated and emotional. It is linked to depression, anxiety, PTSD.

There was a time in my life when I would lie awake at night for hours, unable to stop the thoughts running through my head. I was physically and mentally exhausted, I was so stressed, and the one time that my brain should be relaxed all, I would think about was my worries.

We have a tendency when our lives are hectic throughout the day to put our worries, fears, and anxieties to the back of your minds. And when we get one bit of quiet time (for me it was on an evening just before I slept), we let these come to our minds allowing it to interrupt one of the most critical aspects of our recovery (sleep).

Sleep is essential to positivity as we sleep; our body repairs itself and rebalances our hormones. It is vital to stabilise one’s emotional and mental health; without sleep, the emotional circuitry of the brain can become hyperactive and illogical. Research has indicated that a good night sleep keeps your house in order (your body) in that it helps to expel the toxins that have built-in your brain throughout the day. Sleep influences almost every type of tissue and system in our body – from our lungs, brain, metabolism and immune system and the ability to resist disease.

Here are 5 things you can do to help you sleep more soundly:

  1. Track your sleep. Down load an app on your phone or buy a watch that allows you to do this.
  2. Meditate before sleep. If you struggle to meditate on your own – try out one of my guided meditations alternatively train your brain to relax with my How to Sleep better guided series
  3. Put your phone away one hour before you go to sleep. Leave it on charge outside your room.
  4. Sleep in a cold room about 21 degrees
  5. Try and ensure that your room is as dark as possible and blacks out of all the light.
  6. Wear an eyemask