As we get older, we realize that all of the plans we had for ourselves and our futures are impossible to follow as unexpected twists and turns totally change our realities. Life has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it, which is why having the strength and courage to follow new opportunities and turn our backs on what’s ‘comfortable’ can be one of the hardest things that we ever have to do.

Yet, there is reward in being this agile in the face of life’s changes. Courage, which is defined as acting in a way that responds to risk appropriately, not over-confidently nor in a cowardly way, is something that is lacking in so many people. Courage allows us to rise above and analyze our fears, realizing that most of the time, our fears are harmless manifestations of what makes us uncomfortable. These fears are enlarged in our minds, as we hold them up on a pedestal and use them as an example to say ‘no’ to the opportunities that could come our way.

So, how can you have more of this courage in what you do? How can you respond in real-time to what the universe lays at your feet? Here are a few tips for becoming a more courageous person:

  • Remember that fear can harm you: Being highly fearful can, in fact, harm you both physically and mentally. You need to be able to sit back and realize that you are allowing fear to consume your every thought and move. Your brain has the ability to stop allowing this kind of fear constraint at any time.
  • Name your fears and debunk them: Many times, we avoid talking about our fears since it makes us feel too vulnerable or embarrassed. Write these fears down and go through why they don’t deserve room in your head.
  • Meditate, slow down, and breathe: Sit back and reflect on your thoughts. Are they fearful and negative? Why? Force yourself to turn the fearful thoughts into positive ones.

Sometimes, when life hits us with the most unpredictable news, we are forced into a courageous role. Or at least, we are given the decision: become courageous, or allow the news to bury our dreams. Real estate investor and mentor, Rachel Acklin, found herself in this very situation when hearing that her father had stage 4 cancer upon college graduation. Figuring that a corporate job is what ‘made sense for her’ with such difficult news, Acklin quickly found herself in a constrained and miserable place, unable to use her free time to see her father.

She had a choice. She could continue to allow a corporation to undercut her happiness, or she could go out into the world and make her schedule a reality. She chose the latter. Diving into investment real estate at only 23-years-old, Rachel wanted to be able to care for her father and make money while she slept.

Today, she has built up her own portfolio of around 48+ income producing doors, and she did it in less than 5-years. She wants other people to know that having courage can be all that stands between them and their dreams.