Having trouble work-life balancing? Here are my tips for the new year.

(Learned first-hand from 10+ years working from home, including 7 running my own business with newborns, toddlers, homeschooling, medical emergencies, military spouse time away, and lots of life surprises…and LOTS of doing it the wrong way.)

Stop. Balancing.

Balancing requires opposing forces to compete against each other.

This NEVER ends well! Best-case scenario, you’re breaking even…? Not a fun or sustainable way to work/live/grow.

Here are some tips to create more space for the things that will fuel you and keep you moving forward (and yes. hobbies definitely count.)

1) DELETE. Take a look at your business and life, and de-clutter as much as you possibly can. Most of us are carrying around SO much extra fluff that takes up bandwidth and drains our energy. Just make like Elsa and #letitgo.

2) USE ROBOTS. Be honest about the things in your business that would/could be done better with the right tools + tech. You can free up a lot of time and bandwidth by employing the right “team” of robots.

3) FOCUS ON REVENUE. Only say “yes” to projects and activities that fuel you and your business. And this does NOT only include financial revenue. That’s a big one, but there additional revenue types that can fuel you and move you forward — that so many people forget and end up running on fumes. (more to come in a video I’ll share later this week)

Book time for the things that matter (see #3). Schedule your work, family, personal care, and hobbies. You’re going to feel silly doing it, but I promise that it works.

I hope this helps! This message will be a huge focus for my work this year, so I’m 100% happy to answer any questions that come up or provide further guidance. You can reach me by commenting here, or by emailing directly to shalon (at) ironroadgroup (dot) com.