this is to show you how he is cheating on you

Ever heard of a phrase that men are polygamous by nature?  To some, this statement is true. But, to some, this is just an understatement! As for me, how to forgive and forget has been the hardest lesson of my life.

 Five years down the line ever since I walked down on the aisle, I have no idea of how to deal with the above statement. Infidelity is hard to deal with, but, surprisingly enough, that is the main thing I have learned to live with since I got married.

Though I am bitter, I am also to blame. That is how I watched my man become a stranger in my own house.

I Learned How to Forgive and Forget Easily

It all started with small mistakes at the initial stages of our relationship.  For instance, during our courtship, I found out that my husband to be was seeing one of my best friends!  He admitted it and apologized.

Though it haunted me for a few days, with time, I went over it. With the little advice I got from friends, I thought that I should forgive and forget for the betterment of our relationship.

That is the worst mistake that I have ever done in my life. Although forgiveness is a principle of life, I gave it to him so quickly that he thought that it was as simple as a walk in the park.

I Never Noticed His Character Change

Your character tells more about you. It dictates what you do when you are happy, angry or stressed. I was so okay with my husband’s behavior at the very beginning of our union. However, along the way, I lost touch.

World of uncertainties began. I could hardly tell when my man was happy or dull. Perhaps, I always found myself on the wrong side most of the times.Slowly, from my best friend, he became a stranger. Hardly could we talk of our future together. The issue of us enjoying leisure together became a thing of the past. All I have today is the nostalgic moments that we shared during our best days.

Why Was He Concerned About His Looks All Over Sudden?

A saying has it that men are made complete. If this statement is anything to go by, men don’t need any makeup to look good. However, this doesn’t mean that you neglect yourself as a man. No! Take a shower, shave well and dress nicely but don’t be so obsessed with it.

My husband began to be so obsessed with his looks all over sudden. I thought maybe that he wanted to look, executive. Hell no! I was wrong. May be other peoples opinion, and especially female colleagues became a factor.

How could I not notice or even ask? Maybe I was so naïve to think about it.


He Started To Suspect Me

No human is perfect, and neither am I. but, this I must say was ridiculous. How and when I started being a suspect of infidelity in our relationship baffles me.  Accusations began and, at first, I thought It was a joke. But no! My man was insecure.

As a loving partner, I chose what many ought to do, forgive and forget. To some extent, Ithought that he loved me, and that was why he was jealousof me. Little did I know that he was accusing me of something that he does best!

How I misinterpreted jealousy for love, I don’t know. If only could I know and be on the watch out, but now it’s too late.

Privacy Became a Matter

We enjoyed most of our courtship moments together. Although I have nostalgic memories, it helps me keep track and know where I lost the battle. Privacy is paramount, but back then, it didn’t bother us.

We shared all our privacies and even passwords. However, that didn’t go for long. My man’s phone became his best friend. Rarely would I see it left anywhere open? When I confronted him, he scolded me with a harsh tone. Surprisingly, he accused me of intrusion of privacy!  

I was apologetic, and I asked him to forgive and forget. Luckily, he accepted my apology and his phone became a no go zone!

Bottom Line

I sacrificed my marriage. The so-called forgive and forget, ruined my marriage life. In many instances, I thought I was right, but I was wrong. The conscience in me judges me harshly. How could I let him slip away from my hands?

My husband made so many wrong decisions. Some of them I could have averted. Nonetheless, that doesn’t matter today. I already lost him to another woman if not women! But it would hurt me to see a woman in the same direction.

Be patient with one another but don’t be so naïve. Watch out for early signs that you may be losing your marriage.  Do everything to change your man for better and make him yours and yours alone.