Find Your Perfect Spot In North Africa

On arrival at Richard Branson’s exclusive and award-winning resort in North Africa, the first thing you notice about Kasbah Tamadot is the sense of peace — a uniquely serene atmosphere which makes the real world seem light years away.

A Place To Breathe, A Place To Grow

Nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Atlas Mountains in the village of Asni, the Kasbah Tamadot features 28 individually and uniquely decorated suites, all of which are carefully designed to complement the traditional red brick exterior. With the kind of luxurious facilities that you would expect from one of Virgin Limited’s exclusive and celebrated destinations, guests can relax by the pool or in the sumptuous gardens whilst enjoying the mountain views. The stunning Kanoun restaurant serves impeccable local and international cuisine paired with wines from the region and beyond. The local community is at the heart of Kasbah Tamadot and the Eve Branson Foundation has chosen the resort as a base to develop new projects in collaboration with its partners, with the aim of enriching the lives of more local families. The Eve Branson Foundation which began in 2006 and was founded by Richard Branson’s mother, Eve, provides training, work spaces, materials and tools for the Berber people helping to protect their heritage and help young people to generate sources of income through traditional crafts in order to help to support themselves and their families.

Sir Richard Branson loves the resort so much that he has chosen it as his base to improve his strength and fitness in preparation for his first trip into space and has been taking advantage of the clear African air during his many walks and cycles along the numerous mountain paths, stating simply that the resort is, “a special place for family and friends”. For guests who like to take things a little easier (and prefer to keep their feet firmly on planet Earth), the Asni region and Kasbah Tamadot offer a wealth of gentle walks, luxury spas and sumptuous lounges for the ultimate in relaxation and outstanding comfort.

A Unique History

The resort, which opened its doors in 2005, was formerly the home of interior designer and antiques dealer, Luciano Tempo and visitors can see Tempo’s wonderful pieces decorating their rooms and the resort’s communal areas. Translated as “soft breeze”, Kasbah Tamadot is so much more than a holiday destination. A unique tranquillity and clean, clear mountain air make this beautiful and exclusive haven a place for contemplation, regeneration and growth.

The Berbers of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco have a deep-rooted sense of community and traditions endure through their rich history. The Eve Branson Foundation’s ethos is to work hand in hand with these unique communities to help them thrive, preserving Berber traditions and culture and developing opportunities for educational enrichment and enterprise. There is a strong focus on empowerment and skills-building.

Since its beginnings, the Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing living standards in some of the most impoverished rural communities in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Very often, villages here lack even the most basic amenities, illiteracy can be as high as 98% and girls leave school at 13. The mission of the Eve Branson Foundation is to improve the lives of young people living in the region through access to business, education and health care initiatives.

The Foundation provides training, work spaces, materials and tools so that young people can generate sources of income that will help to support themselves and their families, with an on going mission to continue enhancing the lives of more young people in the region.

Source: Instagram @Travelitup1

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