The holidays are coming. In fact, thanksgiving is just over a week away. We are rushing to pack our bags. We want to avoid the security line or worse get pulled over because of liquids.

When packing your beauty toiletries…

What happens if they spill?

What happens if they get taken away?

Will I have enough for my trip?

With 100ml, have I taken enough?

Where do I put all these bottles if the bathroom doesn’t have enough counter space?

What if I forget something?

It is so heavy!!!!

AVOID all the above with 3 simple hacks:


Opt for multi-purpose products. Yes, you will be gone for a few days. But taking a toner and moisturizer and cleaner and exfoliator and wipes etc etc. It’s A LOT. Take ONLY the essentials.

And what about make-up? It is the same thing. Opt for items that can be multi-purpose. Like a sunblock that can also be a bronzer or lipstick that can smudge into blush.

I recommend Feather & Bone Face Gems. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes all in one. Normally this would be 3 products or more.



We know what the TSA limits are and that we will get pulled aside if we don’t pack it properly. We know there is a chance it can spill. We know it gets heavy. We know it is a pain to transfer everything into smaller bottles.

AVOID all of that by traveling with liquid free products. There are tons of powders at Sephora not just for cleansers but also make up.

For cleansers I have to recommend our Face Gems again. These little tablets not only avoid the madness above but you can also just grab a few and throw them in your bag. If you are gone for 10 days just take 10! Go with products that TSA and your purse won’t hate you for. TRAVEL FRIENDLY!


A big part of any good skin care routine is drinking enough water. Our skin is 64% water. Airplanes have extremely dry air from low humidity. Leaving the skin feeling dry, flaky maybe even irritated. Instead of just rushing to moisturizers and hydrating masks, DRINK WATER. Nothing will make your skin feel better.

The Aerospace Medical Association suggests drinking 8 ounces of water (1 cup/250 ml) every hour. I know there have been articles about how airplane water is not the best. So based on your flight time I would recommend buying 2 or 3 bottles at the airport. Or taking empty bottles and asking the air-hostess to fill it with the bottled water.

I also know many times we don’t want to drink water because of having to rush to the bathroom. And airplanes bathrooms…Completely get it! Take some baby wipes so you don’t have to worry! And definitely use the bathroom services at the airport when you land in case you have a longer journey.

But always remember: HYDRATION!

Hopefully these 3 hacks will make the travel journey a little bit easier. SAFE TRAVELS!