My name is Gena, I was born in New Zealand where my roots run deep but now live in Australia where I’ve found freedom and growth. I am a wife, Mumma of 3 and business owner of which I help women tap into their inner power for their own healing experience. 

I’ve been that person that has struggled in the past due to childhood traumatic events out of my control. No one knew how to help me but at the same time it was all kept a secret to save those responsible. I suffered greatly for many years until I decided enough was enough. I looked high and low for help and answers but it wasn’t until I started to go deeper into myself, started listening to my body and intuition that I was able to understand that this wasn’t something someone else could fix for me. It was then that I realised I had to learn how to Self-heal, in order to get TRUE healing.

Here’s what I know about Self Healing…  

It’s hard, its messy, it’s confronting and at some points you want to give up BUT it is the most rewarding, most liberating and literally the best thing you could do for yourself and for the people you love!   

We all have “shit” we go through and most of the time we don’t realise the impact some of these things have on our lives and the blocks they create. For some they know exactly what the issues are but have no idea how to tackle it and for others they think “stuff that” because of the trauma it brings up just thinking about it, and who’s got time for that right??? WRONG because here’s the thing. To not deal with our “issues” is as bad as starving ourselves. Eventually you will get really sick, your body will stop functioning as it should and worst case scenario you die!  Now that’s a pretty extreme analogy but you get my point?! Holding on to issues is TOXIC!!!   

Think about the reoccurring relationship issues, the abusive path that seems to keep following you, the rejection you come across, your low self esteem, the trust issues, or maybe you have a controlling nature? These are just some end results when we hold on to things.   Hurt, pain and traumatic experiences should never be held on to or should never be swept under the rug.  Things should be dealt with properly and on deeper level then just “talking” about it…  

My mission is to use my experiences to help women find the healing they need and deserve. To help empower women in their own ability to take charge of their life and feelings.  To educate women on a “new” way of thinking, feeling and LIVING because let’s be honest, we live in a world that is very controlling and very fear based, where organisations get more out of us suffering then us thriving and that’s not okay. When we step into our own power of healing, GREATNESS starts to happen. We emerge stronger and ready to tackle life whole heartedly.

What’s one thing you need healing from right now, big or small? Below are a few things I used and still use regularly for my own healing, hopefully they can help you get started. Please note some of these tips are practical while others may seem a little “woo woo” but I encourage you to keep and open mind and explore.

1, Meditation

Let’s squish the misconception around meditation which is that you have to sit in silence and think of nothing. Quiet the opposite.
Meditation is when you set time aside to connect to you mind body and spirit. A practice one does to stop, to feel, to breath and “to listen” on a deep level.
It’s a chance for your intuition to take the reins and help you either release something, heal something or see a situation from a different perspective plus so much more.
To start a meditation practice I always suggest setting aside 5mins per day. If you would like to be guided or prompted through the process there are plenty of guided meditations online to choose from but ultimately if you can meditate on your own this can be very helpful. Below I will share a small and simple meditation to help start your healing journey.
Before you start please know you wont be a pro straight off the bat, you will need time to practice but you’ll be amazed at what 5mins per day can do.

Find a comfy sitting position, close your eyes and start by taking deep and slow breaths through your nose, exhaling out through your mouth. Let each breath bring your body calmness, and slowly breath out the tension in your body. When your body feels like it has relaxed I want you to start breathing in the intentions of healing, imagine the air your breathing to be healing, let it fill your body and let your thoughts intuitively guide you (this may be where past situations, thoughts or conversations appear. Go with it) breathing in healing and exhaling (though your mouth) any negative thoughts and/or any memories that bring you pain. Breath it all out with love, acknowledgment and acceptance (it’s happened and unfortunately we can’t change the past we can only change how we feel about it in this moment and in this moment you are choosing to heal).
Before you finish make sure your last deep inhale is filled with the feeling of LOVE; use the love you have for your loved ones, the love you have in your life and the love you have for yourself. This small gesture will help you finish your meditation on a positive note.
Do this for 5mins per day to get your practice up and before you know it you will be able to go deeper for longer, bringing you profound healing.

2, Journaling

When you are on a healing path you want to keep a journal because so many thoughts and feeling will show up, idea’s and memories will flow out of nowhere and in most cases it will be at times when you are busy with daily life, write things things down and come back to them when you can make space for it. A great practice to get into for when you are working through things is using “free flow” journaling, which helps to get stagnant energy out of you and into the physical (on paper). Sit in a quiet space and say to yourself this is the time you are committing to yourself, then let the words flow, let your intuition guide you and let your hand write freely.

3, Connect to your sensuality

Now this one may sound out of place but hear me out… For so any women we struggle with our sensuality, we have let society deem it as something we need to hide and keep behind closed doors. We have been conditioned to judge the women that show this side of themselves as “attention seekers” and we let it trigger us.
This energy is a women’s right and our power, this is what makes us Women. This energy is where our persuasion can be at it’s greatest and where our convictions can be made stronger.
Sensuality isn’t just about being sexual or seductive but being in touch with all of our feminine senses and letting them bring great pleasure in ALL areas of our life. Are you hiding this part of you? Why? If shame is coming up I encourage you to sit in a meditation and see if you can shift those feelings. When we can shift blocks in this area we can really start to embody our femininity.

4, Work with the Moon

Did you know the Moon is considered female in the world of astrology, presiding over our fertility, intuition, emotions, and monthly cycles? This is why Women especially are affected by her pull.
Working with the Moon can help you with setting goals, clearing out negativity and even help you with forgiveness work. Obviously these things can be done at any time and IF called to do so I highly encourage you to act but with the Moon being a very powerful celestial body that can play a huge role in our emotional state working with her really helps to bring some potency to the work we are doing within ourselves.

For the purpose of Self-healing, working with the Full Moon is particularly good as the Full Moon is a time for release. IF you feel called to work with the Moon at this time try tying together meditation and journaling. As the Moon builds up her energy let it help you release the built up energy inside of you. Now this may sound and feel feign to you but for centres our ancestors used the Moon to guide them in many areas of their life, it’s time we take a leaf out of their book and try working with their ancient knowledge.

5, Have an open conversation with a trusted peer

This could be either your partner or a good friend but having someone you trust to listen to how you are feeling and what you are going through is so helpful in the healing process, you don’t necessarily need them to give you advice but just them holding space for you can be enough.

6, Consume less alcohol

For so many people alcohol is their “go-to” stress reliever, I get it and once upon a time that was me but alcohol is toxic and when we are trying to heal and be better, adding more toxicity makes no sense. Whatever your consuming try cut back. Not only will your body benefit but your mental health will to. All that brain fog and feeling lethargic can literally be put down to this, do yourself a favour and try cut back.

7, Crystals

Chances are IF you have a crystal in your possession or have been drawn to a particular crystal then that is the one YOU need right now. Each crystal carries a different frequency and energy so depending on what is going on in your life or what you are needing (subconsciously) is what will show up (crystals are clever wee things) but essentially people start collecting them in hopes to find healing, peace, calmness and or a deeper connection to themselves or even the spirit realm.
We all want to believe in something and in some cases crystals can be the gateway to one’s spiritual journey. Is it time to add crystals into your life?

I hope these tips get the wheels in motion for you in terms of starting you journey with Self-healing.

It’s time to give back to yourself in a loving way. It’s time to prioritise yourself. It’s time to break free from old chains. 

It’s time to HEAL THY SELF!

Gena Abbott