I wanted to drop right into a training that I move through with my personal clients on how to relieve the suffering from a challenging relationship. It’s a special look into the process. If you open yourself up to following through these key steps you will find a deep sense of healing. I sincerely want that for you.

​A quick definition to start with…

Your aura
– this is really an energetic measure of your health. Your ability to radiate at a high frequency has everything to do with how healthy and harmonious your organs are. Beyond that, everything in your space is in a shared auric field. So whoever you are in space with you are literally combining energy with them.
Sure, you can put up an auric shield BUT if you don’t change your frequency to rise above that then what you attract is going to continue affecting you.
Here is where you get to play at the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Look at your life and specifically your relationships –
Who have you attracted that is not serving you? You get to be the person that cleans that up and therefore magnifies that for everyone around you too. Be first!!

A story and example –
my relationship with my former husband…(any challenging person with a challenging aura to be in)
Remove yourself. How?
Learn to love yourself and embrace all all of it fully. This is where the journey begins To know that discovering and remembering who you ARE. That you are your #1 purpose here in skin on the planet.
Then you get to go back into the “ring of fire” – the relationship that causes you pain so that you can heal it.
Give yourself permission to stay with him energetically and lean in. Observe and practice this with compassion.
Start to notice all the judgements and the feeling of wanting to run and avoid it.
Remember that whatever I see in this partnership that triggers me means I have that quality within me too. It is a mirror.
Get curious and look at those qualities.
Be appreciative, “thank you for teaching me this.” Every moment say, “what are you teaching me? Thank you for helping me remember.”
Be a witness to it all. Stay neutral and from this place you don’t have to try and change anything. It is not for you to control.
Be present and in tune with the goal…how is this going to help you open your heart more?
The more challenging a relationship is the more curious you get to become.
How is this helping you express more love and more open-heartedness?
Here is some magic. When you stay present and neutral you can really dial into the precise moment your heart starts to contract…when you feel that tightness. This is where you play. “Let me expand my heart even just an inch.”
Your practice is to remain open. Visualize your expansive chest and then fill it with fresh air. Breathe in circularly NOT vertically.
The goal here is to HEAL yourself…not repair the relationship, not to re-open old wounds, not to bleed out energy trying to fix it.
It’s simply to take the beautiful gift from the universe of putting this person in your life so you have the opportunity to shine a light on your own shadows and shift into your gifts. To become more open, more loving and more accepting. From that place you are at peace and radiate higher energy. Your aura brightens and you heal (physically and spiritually). Then you can choose from there if you want to be around that person or not. Either way you are stable and strong. Your health is in tact.

Relationships are:
1-how you relate to yourself – because how you relate to yourself is what you are projecting out.
2-your greatest reflection – insight into your self-realization
3-your relation to the relationship – i.e..
If you have a negative relationship with marriage (it’s too hard, full of sacrifice and struggle) then it’s not about your spouse, the challenge is your relationship to relationships that is showing up in your marriage. So when you clean that energy up you can see what is really there. BOOM! Another layer of healing!!

Look at the relationship for the disconnections:
What perceptions do you carry?
Where do you feel like there is no flow?
When do you get triggered?
Where are you judging?
What are the stories you are telling yourself?
Where are you blaming and finger pointing?

You are not trying to change anything. Simply notice what your beliefs, triggers and reactions are.
Then you get to take full ownership of it. Now you get to choose differently.

My shit that I got to shift??
Judging my former husband for being in scarcity, for being so emotional and so selfish. Thinking that he should not be entitled to indulging in all his “crazy” emotions.
OK – interesting.
So where was this showing up in my life? That I am not worthy of expressing my emotions.
Breathe. Allow it. Accept it. Embrace it.
Can I love and honor him for who he is on his journey? Can I see the hurt and the pain he carries from his own stories?
When I heal that then the hooks dissolve and joy can come in.
Now I can step up and enjoy the time with him for my daughter. It means the world to her!!
When I can realize that all that pain were my own projections, and my own stories. It was my shit. When I give love I can receive love.

Where would the growth be if we just got all the relationships we ask for with our heads?? It’s a deeper spiritual law of attraction that we get to call in to trigger our unconscious shit. The stuff that keeps us stuck, hiding, shaming and suffering. That stuff that we don’t even know is there until we see it in the relationships we commit to. Who we choose to be with to reflect those parts of ourselves that cause us suffering OR that we keep hidden in fear. Either way it’s a huge gift from the people we choose in on to pull all of it into the light and heal it! Release. Grow. Greater. Free. Liberated. Content.

You cannot unleash your most exquisite health and the next level of prosperity without healing your relationships first. You get to first heal your suffering. Clear your cells and rejuvenate your energy.