The process of healing, has been a passion of mine. I have committed to my own journey every day. As an energetic healer and emotional empowerment coach, the practices that I teach my clients, are ways that I haven’t just learned from a book, but I have used to heal the personal pain that I identified with most of my life. The pain wrapped up in a story that I believed was my identity. We all have pain that we have experienced from our childhood, but now as adults, we have a choice to let go of the negative sensation or charge in our soul.

We are taught in society that healing is either ignoring the pain in hopes that it disappears or “bandaiding” the pain for temporary relief. Feeling discomfort and allowing the painful energies to pass, can sometimes be just too much for some, so we use quick fixes to feel better; we shop the feeling away, we drink the feeling away or we over indulge with food, but then realize that the same emotional patterns return.  Those painful patterns return over and over again with exactly the same emotion and behavior attached. It’s insane to think that doing the same thing over and over will ever reveal a different result. Many of us experience this and then are faced with the same frustration and self judgement.

True healing is peeling back the layers of old scares and working each layer out, so that they don’t continue to affect us. This energetic charge that we feel in our bodies, is the unhealed pain or trauma that we get to heal for good. My method of “Clearing and Healing”, is like redecorating a room, but what we are actually doing is redecorating the room in our minds. Completely clearing out the pain, letting go of those old limitations that we inherited from childhood. That ancestral pain or trauma that we , as children, hold onto energetically without knowing. This pain can then become our identity.
When we re-decorate a room, we don’t push the old furniture to the corner and throw a sheet over it and pretend its not there. We completely empty out the entire space to make room for the new. It is exactly what my “Embody Your Being” program is all about. This process is a slow, but powerful experience to heal ourselves from the inside out. That is how lasting change sticks.

I would like to share with you 3 steps to healing that will kick start your process.

Awareness– This is the #1 way to begin the process of healing. Just becoming aware that there is an emotional state that feels uncomfortable, is the first step. You may have a hard time allowing yourself to feel this discomfort, but feeling the sensation in the body can help identify what your experiencing. You might feel a tightness in your chest, an unsettled feeling in your stomach or your heart racing unexpectedly. Once you feel it and realise there is nothing to fear, you can get in the habit of monitoring when it shows up and thinking about what is triggering the emotion. Write down the emotion or the feeling in your journal, so you can take an even closer look. In order to embrace awareness at a deeper level, you get to quiet your minds fully with a meditation. A consistent practice of meditation not only can change your life, but can save your life.

Taking small steps-When we begin the journey of healing, deeper changes happen by taking smaller steps. Lasting healing takes time. When we overwhelm ourselves by taking too big of a step, we shut down and return to the pattern that feels familiar, even through the method does not support the highest version of ourselves. Taking baby steps to our healing goal, helps our hardwired brains resist repeating difficult, complex, and painful events. Committing to 1% change every day will will allow you to repair your broken inner pieces, in a healthier way.

Reach out for support-This is imperative to healthy healing. Creating a tribe of supportive, like minded people can make all the difference in success. Whether it be a trusted, supportive friend, a coach or mentor, having someone to put their eyes on your habitual patterns can completely change the projectuary of healing. At times, it is difficult to see our own familiar patterns that we have lived with for so long. We are all creatures of habit. Changing takes great courage and discipline and allowing yourself to be supported along the way will safely lead you to the other side.