Reconnecting. Covid 19. Catalina Morales Velez

Watching the news filled my cup and make me declare, we are broken! In a time of crisis, watching plenty of behaviours that have taken us down a road where millions are suffering and dying, made me extremely sensitive to judge. However, as The Little Prince said, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

A few minutes later, social media reminded me of another side. The rivers and oceans are cleaning up, the animals are taking back their space, nature is breathing again, and the Earth, in general, is healing after our forced retrospection.

Are you healing too?

It’s now that we are inside when we need to look deeper and discover nothing it’s wrong. Death is not the end; it’s just a transformation. Broken is not bad; it’s as good as new because it’s through the cracks that our light will shine.

What is clear is that breaking ourselves is part of the transformation process and that it’s what is going on right now.

With the pieces, we will create something magnificent.

Rebuilt. Covid 19. Catalina Morales Velez
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Our current situation is allowing us to see our vulnerability as humans and society, and at the same time recognizing our connection with the other one.

It’s time to bring light to the hidden definition of Covid-19.

Connect OVail IDread.

This situation is a calling to which we are responding to. We are connecting as humans with our humanity, we are opening ourselves to our best version, and the door to join the mundane with the sacred it’s opening.

We have been given a moment to heal our disconnection from Source, a bridge to connect with our true-self and people; rather than attaching ourselves to electronic devices or external idols.

Despite my first impression after the avalanche of media exposure, I can declare, we are not broken; we are becoming!