Kimberly Jesika, had the amazing opportunity to experience and interview the beautiful Marnie Greenberg. Brains, Beauty, Business & Healing all wrapped up on one!

How long have you been a healer?

I first evidenced my intuitive and healing abilities as a preschooler, and soon discovered I was also a medium as well as being able to see the future. I remember at the age of five, my mom developed a severe case of hives as a reaction to a sample fabric softener she received in the mail. After several months of repeated doses of steroids, oral doses intermingled with cortisone shots, she was still itching terribly, which among other things, resulted in her having difficulty sleeping. One morning when she was feverishly scratching the soles of her feet, I realized I could see several dark areas in her body and somehow, I knew I could clear them out and easily did so. I then told my mom about what I had done and asked her where I should send the dark stuff. My mom played along with me in what she believed to be a game and told me to send it out the window. Fifteen minutes later she realized all the red marks on her body were gone, and never returned.

As I grew, so did my abilities.

After graduating with a business degree in finance/accounting, my innate healing abilities called to me so strongly that I ultimately decided to spend time investigating how other alternative techniques compared with what I had been doing on my own. As a medical intuitive, I could feel other people’s pain in my own body, visualize where the “dark energy” resided, and intuit how to release that energy.

In my early twenties, I was fortunate to encounter mentors who offered encouragement, advice and wisdom. I traveled the U.S. and abroad studying with some of the world’s most respected healers. I trained in a variety of alternative and energy healing techniques including Touch for Health, pioneered by Dr. Thie, Love Yourself Heal Your Life taught by Louise Hay, the Healing Tao with Mantak Chia, and Tantra: the Power of Sexual Ecstasy with Margot Anand. I familiarized myself with Reiki, N.E.T., Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Philippine Psychic Surgery, Hawaiian Healing, yoga, and meditation with Deepak Chopra.

How do you define the word healing?

I don’t use the word healing. I simply see the body as a bio-computer with settings that are either off or on. Just like the binary computer language which is either 1 or 0, our bio-computers have settings that are either strong/on or weak/off. I identify the settings that are weak, and simply strengthen them. When all your settings are strong, you are “above it all,” and you remain both physically and emotionally unaffected by anything whatsoever that would otherwise disturb you. There are no miracles involved here.

What are some of the toughest cases you have had to heal?

I don’t look at a situation as tough, rather I identify how many settings are off. Sometimes there are a few settings that are off, and other times there are thousands of settings that are off. The more settings that are off, the longer it takes for final resolution of the condition/problem.

How does this work translate for an entrepreneur?

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs. As leaders, it’s most important that we resonate with and are strong for abundance, success, creativity and ease. The inner settings for scarcity, suffering, difficulty, failure, conflict and so forth must be turned off or deleted.

I consult entrepreneurs regarding their corporations/businesses on how to feel, perceive, and intuitively pinpoint and delete their unconscious blocks so they achieve results on the spot. My ability to feel, perceive and intuitively direct corporations/businesses with the precise applicable answers that resolve past and current problems, which lead to a future of infinite potential for the business is impeccable. I make what seems impossible, possible at lightning speed.

Some of the most common problems I find are the following:

· Business owners are following an excellent business plan, perhaps one that has worked for the highest achievers in their particular field. However, if they are unknowingly being sabotaged by underlying weaknesses that have not been strengthened or deleted, they will not succeed.

· Inability to resolve conflicts in the workplace

· Relying on logical decisions and choices, which should lead to taking the best possible actions, but instead end in failed results

· Frustrating relationships with employees/independent contractors

· Employees are unengaged with their work, lack motivation

· Attracting more/the best possible clients/customers

· Closing deals

· When, if, and how much to expand

· Poor communication between departments

· Inefficiency or redundancy

· Toxic work environment

How would you explain this work to a management corporate America setting?

I consult with Fortune 500 and smaller companies, to increase the bottom line, delete any toxicity in the work place environment, bring managers and their teams together so they work as a more cohesive unit and increase the communications between departments so everyone is on the same page. Corporate America is definitely open to this, especially because the employees become so much happier and more invested in their jobs.

In my consultations, I determine the current weaknesses of the company structure as well as the probability of future success in various aspects of their business, upcoming corporate deals, new product development, loan approvals, mergers and so on. After determining current and upcoming difficulties and obstacles intuitively, I continue to delete each one by accessing the unconscious minds of those people or groups involved, determining the actual unseen weaknesses, issues and blocks and then deleting them on the spot. This process results in solutions showing up naturally and with the right actions being taken automatically.

What are some of the things you help a person heal?

I assist people with anything and everything you can imagine, and improving all aspects of life – Health, Fitness, Relationships, Money/Finance, Aging/Time, and Purpose/Career/Education/Business/Job. Some examples include, deleting both the stress due to financial difficulties that face 70% of all American families today, as well as resolving the financial problems that caused the stress in the first place, instantly deleting the emotional suffering that accompanies betrayals, losses of any kind, the emotional, physical and social problems that accompany aging, inability to love oneself unconditionally, all manner of relationship dysfunctions, resolving addictions, poor body image, uncertainty about the future, all manner of fears, mental, physical and emotional traumas, stress due to not having enough time for everything expected of you, deleting all past failures and limiting beliefs, deleting future problems before they happen, strengthening the connection between a person and the higher universal energies, freeing people from all past negative programming, and the list goes on and on.

Is this healing permanent?

Anything that is deleted is permanent. However, occasionally many settings are off, which requires more than one session to complete all needed deletions.

What advice would you give someone that comes to you after trying to get answers from a doctor?

If you’re happy with your doctor and achieving your desired results – fine, stick with it. If your results fail to achieve a total resolution of your problem, that’s not good enough. Pain and stress management is a way of opting out of true problem resolution. You shouldn’t have to learn how to best live with a problem when you have the option of getting rid of it totally and permanently. I explain that with any illness, disease or pain, you have to find the real, underlying reasons, causes and sources that led to the problem in the first place. Once you identify and delete the root causes, your symptoms leave immediately and permanently. Frequently, doctors have the wrong answers when it comes to achieving a complete cure. The right answer resolves your problem immediately. The wrong answer makes your problem worse.

Is your work only for women?

My work is for everyone.

What is your ideal niche

I am most interested in consulting those who are interested in INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, and improving their life on a daily basis.

How can someone work with you?

You can join a free live stream where I take live callers, and you can experience it for yourself.

If you find my work helpful, join my monthly club for year-round results.

You can also find all my online programs on my website.

Marnie’s Bio:

Marnie Greenberg, co-creator of the universally acclaimed Yuen Method and author of the #1 international best-selling book​,Delete Stress & Pain on the Spot, is a globally recognized insightful life strategist, with more than twenty years of experience in healing and natural medicine.

Marnie has instantly restored the quality of life to hundreds of thousands of people spanning the globe, by successfully deleting their chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet and has effectively trained thousands of others to successfully follow in her footsteps.

Achieving similar clinical results, Marnie deletes problems related to specific financial pressures, career dissatisfaction, relationship dysfunctions, aging restrictions, and fitness and weight struggles, following which tears of gratitude frequently flow from the eyes of the shocked participant(s) as they realize they can once again fully engage with life.

Marnie resolves all manner of specific problems for anyone and everyone who calls in on her free live streams. In her private consultations, she scans the client allowing her to effectively delete a variety of issues in just one session and has done so successfully for the likes of Fortune 500 company execs, movie stars, international music legends, singers, professional athletes, many other well-known personalities, and individuals from all walks of life.

Her mission is to enrich the quality of people’s lives by helping them realize their true human potential of finding the specific answers within themselves that will instantly resolve their difficulties.