Come visit with Gary Ramsey and me in our 4-part video series to learn about his extraordinary journey of healing from a cancer diagnosis that he could “die at any minute.”

He was fearless in the face of death. And that fearlessness was powerful medicine for his returning to health.

Gary’s steps along the way—how he did it, where he was and where he is now—all teach us that there is nothing to be afraid of: not cancer, not dying, not death. He teaches us to be fearless in the face of illness, dying and death, and that by doing so, we can even reclaim our health.

As a physician, Gary’s story from cancer to cancer-free is a compelling wake up call, offering innovative practical tools for healing cancer that we don’t find in conventional Western medicine.

As a fellow-traveler who’s journeyed through illness, “dis”-ease and healing, his story is a potent reminder that freeing ourselves from fear is our path to healing whatever ails us, health-wise and even otherwise.

In Part 1 (, Gary describes life before and after cancer, and how it was cancer that transformed him from fear-filled to fearless living.

In Part 2 (, he details how he found his path to healingfearlessness was his guide. And it led him to an extraordinary clinic in Mexico, where that healing happened.

In Part 3 (, he describes just how extraordinary that clinic was.

In Part 4 (, Gary explains how he cultivated that fearlessness, and how to find freedom from fear for yourself—practical tools freeing yourself from fear, no matter what’s going on.

And if you want to read more about Gary’s remarkable story, check out his inspirational memoir, Bliss: One Hero’s Journey ( It’s an incredible read—a read that kept me page-turning until the very end. If you’re dealing with a health challenge, or a challenge in any area of your life, Bliss will offer you inspiration, courage and tools for finding your way to freedom from whatever’s going on, and to living a joyous, fearless life.

May you feel uplifted, inspired, encouraged and supported, whatever may be going on in your life, by Gary’s remarkable story and how his cancer diagnosis transformed his life. I certainly was!

And please feel free to reply with comments, questions and feedback. I’m always so delighted to dialogue here.

As always, yours in service of healing, wellness and living,

Dr. Trish