We are so honored to share these amazing healing stories from our subscribers IN THEIR OWN WORDS. We hope they give you faith, comfort, and the feeling of possibility that you too can heal.

Dear Pirie,

Thank you that you would like to listen to my stories about healing back pain without surgery and cancer. I am happy to share it with you.

I healed myself from cancer and back pain. I discovered that all sicknesses have an emotional root cause. Cancer was the emotion of not loving myself. Back pain was the feeling, “I was not supported.” It had also to do with money issues. In my family it was not so common to feel feelings. When I became sick, all my emotions came up. I felt everything and had a release when I felt my emotions. I was not spiritual either. But then when I was sick, I started to pray to God. I also started to trust my intuition. I bought myself medical books in order to understand the diagnosis. I became a scientist myself. I wanted to figure everything out. I started to ask the doctors questions about my sickness. When the treatments did not feel good in my body and did not make sense for me, I listened to my feelings, my gut and intuition. I start trusting in a higher force. When I did this, miracles happened. 

I could stay in a private clinic for Natural Healing even though I had public health insurance. I said, “I want this and I am worth it.” Then I let the intention go and got it.

I was a student when I had breast cancer. I was also looking for the right psychologist for me. I wanted someone who is emphatic and could understand my situation.   

I went to different psychologists. These psychologists did not feel right for me. My gut said, “Oh no, not this psychologist.” Then I let it go. When I was allowed to stay in this private clinic for Natural Healing, they had the best psychotherapist. People from all parts from Germany came to him. He only treated private patients. I wanted him. I had the feeling that he was the right one. I got a scholarship to work with him. I felt like a princess when I stayed in this clinic. I could use the hot springs. I could go swimming. We had meditations. They gave my supplements, like selenium and Vitamin E. I got the best physical therapist. I got ayurvedic treatments. They had 3 different foods, ayurvedic, macrobiotic and normal food. I learned to eat healthy there. I learned about meditation. I learned about living healthy. I learned about caring about my body in a healthy way that I had not known before. It all came to me in a miraculous way because my gut feeling said, “You need to go to this clinic.” When I was a student, I passed by this clinic several times. I said to myself, “When I will make more money one day, I will go to this clinic for 2 or 3 weeks.” Then when I had cancer, I said to the universe, “I want to go there right away.” And the universe made it possible for me. I am still crying when I write this. My life became like a flow, very easy. I just did all the treatments that were good for me. I said, “I give my body all the time that it needs in order to heal. And new treatments came to me in a miraculous way. I wanted the Best, and I got the Best. Usually patients with private health insurance can get treatments from professors and head doctors. I had 2 professors who cared wonderfully for me. I got everything that I wanted and the universe supported me on my way, because I started to trust.

The same was when I had back pain. It was a long process with back pain for me, several years until I figured this out. I had a surgery on my back when I was 14 years old. The doctors said, it was necessary to do the surgery. I just had a slipped disc. I could not decide for myself because I was a teenager at that time. My parents said, “We will do the surgery.” Several years after the surgery, I got back pain again. The doctors said, “We need to do a surgery. It is really urgent.” This time, I started to listen to myself. I said, “No, I do not want a surgery.” There must be another way to heal my body. I read all these books about the anatomy of the back, the vertebrae and the discs. I decided to take physical therapy for my back. I was pain free for a view years and then the pain came back. It was so bad that a nurse needed to come to my house to give me injections in order to be able to get out of my bed. I went to a doctor. She said to me, “Go to the physical therapist Mrs. Kaiser.” I never wanted to go there because a lot of patients said, she is not so good. I wanted to go to a different physical therapist. My doctor said 3 times, “Please go to her.” In this moment, I also learned to surrender and trust in a higher force, bigger that my mind and myself. I said to my doctor, “OK, when you insist, then I will go to her.” This was the best thing that could happen to me. When I went to Mrs. Kaiser, she was sitting on the front desk where all the patients make their appointments. She talked to a patient who had severe back pain. She said she had 1 patient who went to a private clinic to Bavaria to get a different kind of surgery, a surgery that is minimally invasive. I listened to this conversation when I was waiting for my appointments. I said to Mr. Kaiser, “Oh, this sounds very interesting to me. Would it be possible to give me your patients phone number? I would love to ask her about this surgery.” She gave me her phone number without hesitation, even though it was not really allowed to give patients phone numbers. I called up the women who went to Bavaria. She was very friendly. She said, “Why don’t you come to my house and I tell and show you everything.” I did so. I liked this method. I was full of pain at that time. I ask my brother if he would drive me 400 km to this clinic. He said, “Yes.” I said to my doctor “Please give me very strong pain killers that I will be able to go to Bavaria without so much pain.” She did so. I went to this private clinic. They said it was necessary to do a surgery because the slipped disc is very close to the central nerve. They showed me the clinic. They also had an exercise room with special machines to exercise your neck and lower back muscles. These machines were especially effective for these parts of the body. I liked these machines. I ask there, if there are different exercise centers in Germany who have such kinds of machines. They gave me a list with all medical centers who had these machines. I found a clinic 2 hours away from where I lived. I called the head doctor of this clinic if it would be possible that I could go there. She said, “Yes.” And we write something that your health insurance will cover it.” Even though health insurances do not cover such treatments, I got the permission from my health insurance. I went there. The doctors did not know if this treatment would work. It was also dangerous because the disc was so close to the central nerve, but my gut feeling said, “I need to do this. This feels good for some reason. I will take the risk before I do a surgery.”  I got the best physical therapist. He explained me everything about these machines and how they train my muscles. They saw on the computer, that my lower back muscles were very week. These machines were very effective because they could train the small muscles in my lower back. Patients got fast results to built up their muscles in a short period of time. It worked for me. After a few treatments, I felt a warm stream running through my body. The blood started to circulate. Within a couple of weeks, my muscles were very strong. I said to the physical therapist. I am so glad that I had that severe back pain, because of this, finally, after years of searching, I found the right treatment for my back. I continued exercising and since then I did not had severe back pain any longer. Then I stopped exercising. I figured out that also my emotions play an important role if back pain comes back or not. I had some difficulties with my business. I worried about money. I got back pain again. It was really painful so that I could not move in my bed. This time, I felt the pain. I said to myself, “It is just an heavy feeling. I am willing to feel this pain.” I tried to love myself very deeply and I said to myself, “I can heal myself.” After 3 days, the pain went away. Usually, it took several weeks with this pain. I was not afraid about money so much anymore. I said to myself, “Anything will turn out well at the end.” And miracles happened again.

I am very thankful that I had the possibility to figure all these things out. These experiences were a treasure for me. They gave me back my power, my self-determination, the belief in myself and in a higher power, bigger than myself. The sicknesses showed me that I can always rely on my emotions, my intuition and my spiritual capacity. They showed me that healing my body without surgery and healing cancer is possible. The body has all the knowing what it needs to get back in balance and harmony. 

Now, I am very clear about the steps that I took when I was sick, in order to get healthy:

1. Get present with your feelings

2. Follow your intuition

3. Never lose hope no matter how the situation looks like

4. There is a higher force bigger than you working with you in life

5. Learn to read the signs that life presents you

6. Create the vision for what you want

7. Take action to your vision and surrender the outcome in collaboration with the divine

It is a privilege for me and a real blessing that I could figure all these things out.

I am wishing that I can help with these knowledge thousands and millions of sick people who feel powerless and hopeless when they suffer from back pain and cancer.

Thank you a lot that you created this wonderful show about autoimmune diseases and thank you that you read and listen to my story.

Lots and lots of Love and Blessings for all of you


From Germany


  • Pirie Jones Grossman

    Executive Life Coach, M.A. Spiritual Psychology

    Pirie is a TedX speaker, author, and a Soul-Centered Life Coach. With over 20 years in front of the camera, Pirie Grossman understands the power of storytelling. After success in commercials and acting. Pirie spent 10 years reporting for E! Entertainment Television, Entertainment Tonight, also hosted ABC’s “Every Woman." Pirie’s work off-camera capitalizes on her strength, producing, bringing people together for unique experiences. Pirie produced a Children’s Day of Compassion during the Dalai Lama’s visit in Sun Valley, ID in 2005. 10,000 children attended, sharing ideas about compassion with His Holiness. From 2006-2009, Pirie Co-chaired the Special Olympics World Winter Games, in Idaho, welcoming 3,000 athletes from over 150 countries. Pirie founded Destiny Productions to create Wellness Festivals and is an Advisory Board member of the Sun Valley Wellness Board. In February 2017, Pirie produced, “Love is Louder," a Brain Health Summit, bringing in Kevin Hines, noted suicide survivor to Sun Valley who spoke to school kids about suicide. Sun Valley is in the top 5% highest suicide rate per capita in the Northwest, prompting a community initiative with St. Luke’s and other stakeholders, to begin healing. Pirie lives in Sun Valley with her two children, serves on the Board of Community School. She has her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is a Soul-Centered Life Coach.