I recently completed the Rapid Transformational Therapy for Abundance Hypnosis course offered by Marisa Peer on Mindvalley.com.  When I started the course, I felt like I wasn’t learning much. I had already seen all of the YouTube videos of Marisa Peer’s work, but I hadn’t seen the results I was looking for. Something about this 35-day course stirred up my life. 

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are untrue beliefs that we acquire from making incorrect conclusions about things in life.  For example, many people have limiting beliefs about their ability to succeed due to past failures. These are picked up from a young age while our brains are still developing and unless we question them, they can rule our lives. As a life coach, one of my main roles is helping people identify the limiting beliefs that are holding them back in life, so I found this part pretty basic.  But the unique technique used in Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT dug some up that I hadn’t found in my conscious state. Things started getting interesting. 

Healing Dreams 

Part of the RTT course involves listening to some hypnotherapy recordings.  Some are meant to dig into your past and remove those limiting beliefs, and others are designed to replace those beliefs with more empowering ideas. 

After I started listening to the RTT sessions at night, I began having really vivid dreams related to the therapy. This isn’t so unusual for me, I’m a lucid dreamer, but I felt like these were healing dreams. It seemed like my mind was doing work for me while I was asleep. I started waking up feeling lighter somehow.  Like I’d just released a lot of baggage in a good hypnotherapy session while I slept.  I felt my energy shifting.

Feedback from the Universe

One day, I woke up to a facebook message from my high school significant other. We haven’t spoken in over 10 years and were not “friends” on Facebook. I didn’t know that there was something that I needed to resolve with them until they contacted me. 

Text conversation between author and ex-partner

I needed to apologize to them and offer forgiveness for something I have blamed on them over the years. I said as much and they felt the same. We dreamed of each other the night before, and they were relieved to find me on Facebook. We didn’t rekindle any old flames or anything, it was more like pushing back a curtain that had been blocking some light I didn’t know I was missing. 

Dialoguing With My Mind

Week three was all about the mind-body connection. The most important content for me was the day about illnesses. Marisa Peer claims that illnesses have a purpose; that our minds are just doing what they think we want them to do. So if we can identify the purpose that our illness is serving, we can dialogue with our mind and ideally change the pattern. I have two illnesses that affect my life on a daily basis so this was really exciting for me. 

“What purpose is this symptom serving in my life?”

I learned how to ask myself, `What purpose is this symptom serving for me?’ In my case, many times my symptoms are saying “no” to the social events or meetings that I don’t want to go to, but agree to anyway.  Once I started actively practicing saying “no,” some of my health problems improved!  

I practiced dialoguing with my mind and telling it, ‘hey thanks for your help getting out of those things I didn’t want to do, but I’ve got this now.  I like when my head feels good, and if I stay home, it’s going to be because I choose to stay home, not because I’m in too much pain to be out.’ 

This was just one of my specific cases, there are countless purposes for your symptoms or even illnesses. It’s an interesting practice to ask yourself, “what purpose is this symptom serving in my life?” 

I have a sleep disorder called narcolepsy.  It’s a neurological condition that affects the sleep-wake cycle.  Specifically for me, the main symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness. There were years where I slept more than 12 hours a day and never felt rested.  I could barely stay awake to do my schoolwork or hold down a job.  

When Marisa works with children she asks them, ‘If your illness were your friend, what would it do for you? How does it help you?’ 

So I visited with the younger version of myself.  She told me that when she was sleeping, she wasn’t bothering anyone. That everyone applauded her for being such a good sleeper as a baby!  It seems this was programmed into my mind when I was less than 2 years old. You’d be surprised at some of the answers that come up when you ask your younger self this question through hypnosis!   

Making the Unfamiliar Familiar

After health came wealth.  I still feel a little embarrassed admitting that I would like more wealth. Before this hypnotherapy course, I had a limiting belief that if I had more money, I would become a bad person. Part of this is the basic fear of change. The other part is a fear that I can’t use money well, and that I will become greedy and selfish if I have more.  

I explored this limiting belief with the hypnotherapy recording and realized the truth is, the more money I have, the more ethically I make my decisions.  When I have extra income, I spend more on ecological options, I donate to good causes and buy from social enterprises. Having more money can actually allow me to do more good things. So it became okay for me to want more income.  But it’s not as easy as recognizing the belief. I still have to change my state and that means changing my mind. 

Trick your mind

I learned how important it is to trick your mind to do what you want it to do, and how useful it is to do this in a hypnotized state.  In many cases, this means you need to make the familiar unfamiliar and to make the unfamiliar familiar.  What does that mean? It means that I am used to living with a certain amount of money, and whatever that amount is, my mind does whatever it has to do to keep me at that level.  It likes the familiar.  

Having more than I need is unfamiliar to my mind, so until I make it familiar I will feel a resistance to it.  It’s just like the first time you start a new habit, your body isn’t used to going to the gym for example, and until you make it familiar it will resist.  But if working out is familiar to you, not doing it feels uncomfortable. 

I am still working on how to make this familiar to my mind so that I can allow more abundance into my life, but it certainly was eye-opening to do some of the activities around wealth in this section.  

Unexpected Contact 

In the fifth week of the course, I could feel the shifts in my energy around health, and wealth, and what’s holding me back. But, I wasn’t excited about this section because it is about attracting lasting love in your life. I’m very fortunate that I am in a very healthy loving relationship and I have been working on loving myself for quite some time. But there was more work for me to do. Two more people from my past popped up in a short window.

Healing Family Wounds

The first was probably the most important. My younger brother, who I have barely spoken to in the last seven years messaged me. He got married earlier this year and I didn’t receive an invitation. I took that as a pretty clear message that things were over between us.

But when we spoke, he told me he read an article I wrote recently and he apologized for how I felt growing up with him and my other siblings. It was probably one of the most impactful moments of my entire year. The contact also validated for me that my writing has power.  

I immediately took a screenshot of the conversation, as if I were afraid it would disappear if I didn’t hold onto it. The article he read was about how I came to accept my own sexuality even when others don’t. I no longer needed his approval, but somehow it was still powerful when he offered it no strings attached.  

The other ghost that showed up was someone I dated.  Our relationship didn’t end on good terms, and years later, I was still holding onto some negative feelings.  I hadn’t thought about him specifically, but just seeing his message brought up some frustration and distrust. After a brief email exchange, all of that has lifted.  Another curtain I didn’t know was keeping light from shining in. 

Unexpected Results

While it wasn’t what I expected when I started a hypnosis course on Abundance, I feel like these ghosts from my past came back to release me from my own guilt and shame.  I will continue listening to the RTT sessions and watch for more changes that occur due to these subconscious shifts and changes in my perspectives. If you are hesitant to try hypnotherapy, I have one piece of advice. Let go of any expectations of the results, keep an open mind, and see what happens.