heal healing success

What’s the last crappy situation that you’ve been in? How can healing help?

Maybe something’s happened to you. Maybe you made a mistake.

“Not in vain” is your new rally cry.

We can’t control what happens to us, and mistakes are inevitable, but how we react is completely under our control.

Permission to thrive

When we decide that we aren’t going to let anything go to waste, we aren’t going to let our past, or our mistakes, or our bad situation dictate who we are, then we give ourselves permission to thrive.

Your pain and your experience do not go in vain when you use it to help others.

And, healing doesn’t happen when you hide your pain, it happens when you acknowledge your pain.

Our pain and our shame make us feel alone, but there are people out there who are struggling with the same issue, and who have the exact challenges that you are dealing with. When we bring our struggles out into the open, the shame and the pain can no longer live.

“Shame cannot survive being spoken. It cannot survive empathy.” — Brene Brown

So, use that pain to rise up higher, and empower others do the same by speaking your shame.

Healing comes by rising from ashes

There is a possibility to rise from ashes. When we declare that our journey was not in vain, well that might be the only way we ever heal.

It’s time to change our perspective on our struggles. We are at an advantage, not a disadvantage, because of our challenges.

Our battle is our edge that will cause us to rise higher.

So, be a Pheonix. And, turn that battle into a victory.