One of my favourite things to talk about is Healing, more specifically self-healing.

Did you know that healing ourselves is not only possible but also our birth right and in this write up I’m going to share with you a simple way to start but just quickly I want to share this little but important note:

Healing starts with YOU!

You can heal yourself of anything negative, things like- people that treated your poorly, those that caused your childhood to be tainted, those who rodded you of anything. Also Things that you hold against yourself, things you can’t seem to let go of, the loved ones you have lost, the ones who broke your heart, addictions, old habits, the things that never got spoken, the anger you hold on to, the pain that person caused, the self-doubt and fear that creeps in and the anxiety and depression that feels consuming, basically ANYTHING.

Now when you start healing there is no one-size-fits-all and this won’t fix all your problems overnight but you can use Today, Tomorrow and every day after to make you and your healing a priority.

Healing is you opportunity to learn your lessons, to grow and to have a life full of deep fulfilment and do you want to know something super special? When we heal ourselves we create a ripple effect for others to heal too, which brings beautiful balance to our life, you may not see it but you sure as hell will FEEL it. More on that next week.

One of my FAVOURITE healing methods to use regularly is meditation. Now before you think, “Gen, I’m no Monk, how on earth do normal people meditate?” The answer is, there are many ways to do this it’s just finding what works for you.

To me, meditation is when one sets time aside to just BE.

A chance for your inner self to show up and give you some guidance (aka your intuition).

A chance to NOT be busy with “busy” things.

Some people like to sit in silence, some like to listen to music, others like to walk through nature and then there are the individuals that zone out into la-la land while showering. There is no right or wrong way of meditating as long as you are giving yourself the time. Below I’m going to guide you through very simple yet effective meditation practice to help you get started. The purpose of this meditation is to give you a chance to see (or be shown by your intuition) what needs your attention and where your energy should go.


Find a comfy sitting position, close your eyes and start by taking deep and slow breaths through your nose, exhaling out through your mouth.

Let each breath bring your body calmness while slowly breathing any tension out of your body.

When your body feels like it has relaxed I want you to start breathing in the intentions of healing.

Imagine the air your breathing to be healing, let it fill your body and let your thoughts intuitively guide you (this may be where past situations, thoughts or conversations appear. This will also be where feelings want to show up. Trust you are safe and go with it).

Breath in healing and exhale (through your mouth) any negative thoughts and/or any memories. Breath all out with love, acknowledgment and acceptance. The truth is it’s happened and unfortunately, we can’t change the past we can only change how we feel about it at this moment and in this moment you are choosing to heal it.

Sit in this space for as long as you need, cry, laugh, give thanks, whatever you feel called to do but before you finish make sure your last deep inhale is filled with the feeling of LOVE; use the love you have for your loved ones and the love you have for yourself. This small gesture will help you finish your meditation on a positive note.
Do this for 5mins per day to get your practice up and before you know it you will be able to go deeper for longer, bringing you profound healing.

Love Gen

Ps, I offer FREE guided meditations over on my website be sure to go check them out and download so you can listen to your hearts content. link in my bio section.