Writing is fluid. Writing is movement. Writing is part of the beauty and genius of giving enriching energy to others. Of transitioning life’s whispers to your readers, in order for them to feel that they are. . .there. They are part of that world. It is part of that fantasy, where one is removed from the hostilities of the real world.

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”-William H. Gass

The world of writers have a very important task. That task relates to having the ability to make readers feel as if they are alive. To not only be part of the fantasy, but to re-create it in their own lives. It is one of the difficulties and challenges of feeling that one is part of the process in giving energy and sensory to the words. It is through the elixir of feelings, that one can create the magic of words. It feels good, and it is nourishing. What remains true is how it comes to view the love, and very existence of creation-which all comes with words. Words have the power to heal. And words have the power to. . . (You can finish the rest off, yes?)

Too often people miss out on the significance of healthy words. Healthy writers, who create these words are very important. Writing is not just a “job.” It is not a simple chore. To be a writer. . .truly a writer, means that one has surrendered into Universal darkness in order to see the infinite wonder, as to how words. . .play. How words design and craft themselves; connecting with other symbols, in order to create a Universal sensory, which is nurturing, and filled with vivacious energy. This is the very essence of writing. It is the very foundation of ink to paper. That Spiritual realm, of bringing those invisible majesties, and making them visible, readable, and realistic for those on Earth.

So, where does this place most, authentic writers? Where does this allow most writers, regarded as caretakers for words? How often have these conversations come to existence?

Being a writer means that we must first care for self. It means that in order for us to write words that heal, we must, first be healed. It means that as writers, we must remove ourselves from writing methods and environments, which hardens our style. Stripping ourselves from whatever toxins, and mental junk, which plagues our energy. A spiritual and mental cleansing must take place. Because what we fail to see, or contextualize, is how that energy comes out when we perform the magic of trapping sound onto paper. The danger is that it dirties and muddies the holistic perfumes and remedies, that we are giving to our readers. It is one of those loving endeavors as to how writers bless those, who truly. . .read the words.

“Writing permits me to be more than I am. Writing permits me to experience life as any number of strange creations.”-Alice Walker

In our first process of cleansing our Spirits and energies as writers, it is important to be honest with how we are feeling. Honesty in the state of our emotions! The state of any mental fogginess that we experience. Whatever that state may be. Sit in it. Relinquish in it. Feel what it means to feel the current state of your reality. It is the first step in entering into a more nutritious feeling; especially, if it is not where you wish to be, at the present moment. One of the most auspicious attributes of being able to release that, which does not sustain you.

The second process as a writer is to begin the nutrition work. What does that entail?

It means that we enter into spaces, holistic spaces, which nourish our body, mind, and Soul. It means that, as writers, we soak up that life-giving and life-serving energy, which helps the fruition of our final words, as needed. Those spaces of nature. Those spaces of stillness. Those areas of blessings and nurture. Those particular avenues where play and movement are abundant. Rhythm must be supportive and sustain the every energy that you create. . . in. Parks, backyards, or even a quiet room filled with color, designs, and natural vegetation will do. Nutritious energy which makes sure that writers are given the abundance they need. That there is a re-cycling of energy, and that our words are a reflection of that.

Our words should be a mirror in how our Spirit has gone into the Universe, and placed that energy onto paper. That the aesthetics of the Universal galaxies have blanketed and painted the canvas of paper. Yet, in order to do that, there must be healing in the profession of writers.

Being overworked will not allow one to experience this ecstasy of writing. Working in physical pain, exhaustion, and impatience will keep one in a space, far from this euphoric experience. Writing for the sake of completion, will stale the energy, which comes from that special place.

Therefore, in truly writing, we are in tuned with every portion of our sensory. We cry, laugh, taste, touch, smell, feel, see, and allow all of it to nourish our very being. It colors us-our Soul, Being, and the air that we breathe. Once we are colored in this Universal euphoria, once we are healed through this euphoria, then (and only then) can we color the spaces surrounding us. We color our energy. And, through this energy, we color and paint the words. Those precious, gentle words, that we can then bless to our readers. We heal our readers. It is the very essence, and foundation, of LOVE. In this sense, we writers, are. . .LOVERS!

From using words, as energies of love, true writers contribute to the healing of the world. Sending our energies of high-frequency and vibration. Intriguingly high that they elevate the frequencies and vector levels of those places, and spaces, which had been hardened. Those areas of the world, which forgot what it meant to taste humanity. Humanity, and all the life forms that it is associated with. This is the healing factor of writing.

So, play with the words. Love in the words. Nourish the words.

And as you are doing that, make sure to surrender to the healing powers, which birth them. Heal the writer in order to love the words!