It’s easy to forget where all of the emotional scars, traumas, and conditioning comes from. In your first seven years of life, you are a walking subconscious mind. Which means when someone told you that you weren’t good enough to be a superhero when you were five years old. Your mind saved it literally and you now believe you will never be a superhero. Maybe there was that one time when your parents were fighting and one of your father looked over at you and said: “don’t ever get married”. Next thing you know you are in your thirties and single because you sabotage every relationship right before you get married. When these energetic scars are formed there is a part of our mind that gets stuck in the exact moment until we come back to release the inner child. 

Our subconscious mind is easily programmed before we are seven years old. This results in everyone walking around with a six-year-old child in one ear and a rational adult in the other. Can you remember a time when you knew you shouldn’t do something but you still watched your body carry it out effortlessly? You can imagine it’s almost like two different people in your brain battling for dominance. 

It’s important to remember that we are not our behaviors and that we can control our thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can easily, integrate the inner child and your future superhero. This process is called a parts integration in Neuro-Linguistic programming.

It is a one-hour procedure that is similar to hypnosis and the results are a complete transformation. You can learn to feel whole again and let go of the past trauma that stuck on repeat. You can easily learn to have self-love, confidence, relief from anxiety, and peace of mind.

You may realize healing your inner child is paramount for true happiness. The emotional release from letting go younger part of yourself that has been repeating the same event their entire lives is priceless. 

I had an experience in life where every job I went to. No matter where, when, or what I was doing there was a boss that was the bully. A supervisor that terrorized everyone until they were broken inside. An example of their inner child repeating their trauma. For over fifteen years I noticed this. Until, one day, I finally listened to my heart and stood up to the bully and defended the entire workgroup, and said: “no, this isn’t happening anymore”. 

After this event, I realized that I was bullied when I was really young and my entire adult life I was fighting internally to stop the bully. I was afraid to ever feel angry because I thought I might become the bully, I might hurt someone like I was hurt. I ran this pattern so efficiently I made myself sick from holding in anger. I never stood up for myself. Until now! After deep personal development, a soul retrieval ceremony, and a parts integration, I have my spine again. I can stand up straight and stand up for myself with confidence. I own my life and you can too.

You may be wondering, what pattern are you repeating? What were you told when you were a child that is repeating in different forms today? Where are your ruts that seem impossible to jump out of? 

It’s important to remember when a person cuts you off, or gets snippy in line, or says I don’t have time for that. You may realize they are running their inner child app and showing them compassion is the best way to communicate. Sometimes, if you give their inner child exactly what they want like love and acceptance the program stops running. If we show compassion to the adult children in the world, how different would our culture be? Once, you notice an inner child in someone else it’s easy to look inside and ask “where’s my app, wheres my rut?” It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself.

You may find yourself wondering who installed your inner child app. That’s right, where is it on repeat in your life?

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