An enterprise connectivity platform can have a different influence on its workers. How the employer relates to employees can result in either happy or unhappy employees, and their health and wellness have impacts on the productivity of the enterprise.

Happy employees have a positive perspective towards work, are innovative, they support one another, they increase the productive capacity, and they are devoted.

Dejected employees are negative towards their work, have a character of unpunctuality and leaving early. They do not collaborate well; they do not suggest new plans and grumble a lot.

It is essential for an employer to ensure that the workplace environment is conducive to influence the attitude of workers towards work. The best advice for the well-being of employees is as discussed below.

Bodily Component

The most critical resources in an organization are employees, and they will increase business productivity if the employer caters for their health and wellness.

It is advisable to provide nutritious foods to workers to boost their health. Additionally, they can offer free dietary advice or employ food preservation mechanisms.

Engaging in physical activities also plays a vital role in the wellness of the hired people so managers should provide time for them to visit the gym. Besides, they can build stairs rather than lifts so that workers exercise while walking.

Enough resting time is essential for employees to regain their lost energy during work. Therefore, employers should avoid overworking their workers. They can also encourage them to take breaks to prevent fatigue.

Financial Component

People usually work to get money, and for that reason, you should neither underpay them nor delay their salaries. Financial stress can make someone lose interest in working, and this will negatively influence the productivity of the business.

Apart from salaries, managers can offer financial advice to their staff to prevent misuse of money, which can result in financial stress. They can also provide them with loans and advance wages to help them out of financial problems.

Taking care of finances means taking care of the health and wellness of the employees. Money is the cause of many problems, and if its management is proper, wage earners will be happy always hence work positively to ensuring the success of the business.

Workers Health and Wellness

Communication Component

Communication is a useful element at work since it enables people to exchange ideas either in verbal or in non-verbal form. However, it is salient to achieve effective communication in the workplace. Different workers come from diverse backgrounds.

Therefore, it is crucial to uniting these entire people by eliminating communication barriers. It is good to have a uniform communication language that everyone understands.

People who speak the same style should not isolate themselves by communicating their language. Communicating effectively with everyone ensures unity.

Besides, it is critical to address issues to the right people. Regular communication between the manager and the staff members on matters concerning the business is essential and not using third parties.

It is thus fundamental for both managers and the members of the workforce to follow the right channels to address issues to ensure effective communication and prevent distortion of messages.


Showing gratitude to employees is a predominant aspect of the workplace. Applauding the best employee motivates them to do better than what they have been doing.

The other workers will also be motivated to work hard to receive an award. To obtain happy employees who have a positive attitude towards work, one should consider awards as the best tool for achieving this.

They should also ensure that the process of choosing the best employee to reward should be fair and it should not make others envious.

Emotional Well-being

Our lives on working much contribute to our emotions and mental well-being. The work that we do should have a positive influence on our feelings. We should not be having stress, be unhappy, or have psychological issues.

Hence, it is necessary that workers are comfortable because these issues affect their performance and consequently the output.

People who have emotion problems experience disruptions frequently. They suffer from anxiety, abuse drugs and they are irrational. For this reason, directors need to be friendly to the staff so that they can approach them on matters affecting them.

They should also make them recognize their positions in the workplace and let them have freedom of expression.


For the success of a business, it is vital to take care of the health and wellness of employees. These issues can affect them either positively or negatively and how they affect them will determine the productivity of the business.

Workers work well when they are physically fit and healthy, and as an employer, you should take care of these issues about their health and fitness. Additionally, their finances play an essential role in their attitude towards work.

You should ensure that they are always stable financially so that they may not think of quitting the job.

To add on that, congratulating the hardworking employees motivates them to work better.