No one anticipated at the start of 2020 that the world will have to witness a pandemic outbreak and its after-effects for close to one year and more! The COVID-19 explosion had created havoc all around the globe. Even today, the world is gradually healing from its side-effects. The physical harm of the virus is unprecedented, resulting in several deaths and infections. The good news is that the recoveries are showing an increasing trend recently.

The economic harm done by the virus spread has been massive as well. Some people witnessed pay cuts and lost their jobs as well. Offices and factories were shut down temporarily and on a prolonged basis as well. All these repercussions create feelings of stress and anxiety amongst people. A prolonged sense of uncertainty is not suitable for the mind and the body. Hence, people must follow specific wellness guidelines to stay well and healthy.

Crucial wellness guidelines by Eric Dalius

Are you feeling more restless in recent times than ever? If yes, you aren’t the only one! The prolonged time at home is making many people react and respond in different ways. Most human beings are used to social engagements and going out daily. The pandemic outbreak has restricted this habit. However, today people are venturing outside, albeit protection and safety protocols for work and other errands. People must cope with the current scenario, move out when needed, and maintain excellent physical and mental health. If that’s what you aim to do, you need to say yes to the easy and useful wellness guidelines by Eric Dalius.

  1. Stay protected when you move out

No one can stay at home for a long time! Even if you are working from home, you need to step out to attend to a few chores. However, it is necessary to stay safe and protected. When you are stepping outside, make sure that you are carrying your mask and sanitizer with you. That is not all! Make sure that you are maintaining the social distancing rules effectively and avoid any crowded place. Everyone is waiting for the pandemic curve to flatten down at the earliest. It is necessary to follow all the safety protocols when you move out of your home until such time it happens.

  • Stay away from any negativity

The world is full of palpable energy – the pandemic outbreak has filled everyone with fear and nervousness about the future. Most people are scared about getting affected by the virus infection. The news updates relay a mix of news snippets that focus both on the positive and negative. Hence, it would help if you started to choose the thoughts and ideas you want to focus on. It’s a smart call to focus on positive thoughts and ideas and discard the negative ones. For this, you can stop getting attached to every news update. Take time to watch motivational videos or read an inspiring text to train your mind to think positively. It will help you focus on the life-supporting thoughts that will help you bring down your stress and anxiety levels.

One of the best ways to discard negative thoughts is to focus only on the positive. It’s an excellent practice to recount all the positive things that happen to you in a day. You might express your thanks and gratitude towards the good things that happen to you daily and prepare your life for more good things. Gratitude creates a shift in your energy and always gears you towards positive actions and ideas.

  • Meditate with a mantra

It’s natural for the mind to get chaotic during this pandemic phase! You might get stressed thinking about your professional instabilities and the frequent economic changes. It’s a good idea to start practicing meditation using a mantra. Most of us don’t get used to meditating, chanting “Om” or any other phrase in the morning or evening. Hence, it’s an excellent practice to self-train your mind to practice meditation daily by changing “Om” or any other phrase that syncs in well with you. It will help you to calm your mind and feel a sense of warmth.

Practicing meditation doesn’t mean that you need to visit 40 therapists and learn the same. It’s a simple practice that you can do within the comfort zone of your house. You need to fix a time in the day or evening and sit for meditation and chant a phrase you like to. It will help you to feel calm and grounded after a while. With regular practice, meditation will balance your mind and body and also boost your immunity.

  • Exercise to combat muscle pains and body aches

Staying in the house for a long phase often makes people lazy. It’s one of the primary reasons for physical and mental fatigue. And that gradually leads to muscle pains and body aches. It also results in various stomach and digestion issues. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then it is an excellent practice to get into any physical activity. You can briskly walk for 45 minutes and stay active. You can also get into Yoga, aerobics, and Pilates and move your body for a stipulated time in the day. There are options for both online and real-time classes today. Join the one that caters to your requirements and preferences.

Any physical activity is a mood enhancer and helps you to feel good about life. It helps to do away with stress and induces a “feel-good” factor. It also allows you to release the body toxins and get in shape. When you walk or exercise regularly, you also give your immune system a boost that can fight any disease or bacteria better and stronger.

We are living in a testing time phase today! It will take some time for the pandemic to go away or dim its impact altogether. Hence, people must stay healthy and well. If you want that for yourself, you can count on the guidelines mentioned above and stay well.