Wellness is more than the absence of disease. It is rather a harmonious and integrated style of functioning of the body and mind. It is a state of wholeness, harmony and integration between all aspects of the mind/body matrix. In this state, the unified wholeness of life is lively in the physiology. What is the unified wholeness of life? It is the silent source of life itself, the Self, the innermost level of our existence. When the basis of life is lively and strong, all of life’s expressions are also vital, harmonious and strong.

Wellness is the natural outcome of a mind free from discordant emotions such as worries, fears, anxieties and negative feelings towards others. Negative emotions create chemical counterparts which disrupt the flow of intelligence in the body. Psychologists explain that 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic; they originate from mental disturbances. Any disease is the expression of a deviation from the sequential unfoldment of natural law, the sequential unfoldment of intelligence in the physiology. Sickness is a sign of an imbalance between the coordination of the mind and body.

Happiness heals

A prominent Ayurvedic doctor has said, “laughter and bliss are the best of all prevention and cures, and they are free! These change the hormones in the body and strengthen the immune system and the bodies’ ability to deal and remove toxins.”

According to Ayurveda, happiness heals. Happiness increases bodily strength, the power of digestion, the strength of bodily tissues and it also aids in the elimination of diseases. Happiness even strengthens the immune system. Wellness is the natural result of a happy, healthy mind-body matrix. Wellness is a state of inner equilibrium, a state of inner satisfaction, a state of balance. One has gained inner stability and is no longer like a football at the mercy of ever-changing outer situations and circumstances. One is anchored in the silent wholeness of inner peace and bliss. When stress no longer inhibits the full and free expression of intelligence in the body, one’s creative impulses are effectively translated into action leading to greater heights of achievement and fulfillment. With the fulfillment of desire, one radiates health and happiness into one’s surroundings. One’s relationships with others are enriched because only a healthy, happy individual can appreciate the best in others and contribute maximum to the well-being of society. Wellness is the natural birth right of every human being. It can be easily gained by anyone because the source of infinite bliss exists deep within the heart of everyone. The individual who is established in the state of pure awareness enjoys long life, happiness and fulfillment.