Over the years, we have heard a lot of the negative effects of video gaming but no one talks about the positive side of video gaming; specifically its health benefits. Yes! You heard us right, video gaming can be a source of great help when it comes to your health.

“How so?” you might ask. Well, we’re here to let you in on that secret. But before that, you might want to get some PlayStation Gift Cards, cause we’re sure you’re gonna need them after reading up on all these benefits. Let’s get to it!

Improves Focus

Have you ever realize how gamers tend to stay in one place for hours, even days without the desire to get up? Well, that’s because they’re immensely focused on the task at hand. Leaving an ongoing game is a tragedy.

Aside from that, certain games require you to stay focused on the task at hand to succeed. This is because there are often objectives, missions, and side quests for players to attempt. Some examples of this would be the many tasks to be completed when playing open-world games like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series.

Trust us, your eyes will be glued to the screen. Maybe to find a hidden clue, maybe to find a hidden enemy behind a bush – but it will not leave that screen.

Stress Relief

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long stressful day of work or school and sitting down to play some video games. Mainly because in video games, you get to do whatever you want – you can take out your frustrations and live out your wildest dreams without any consequences.

Some people find relief in fantasy games, role-playing games, and even sim games where they get to create an alternate reality for themselves. These well thought out worlds are intricately made and often feel very real. With the invention of Virtual Reality, every sensory feeling is now magnified, people can literally escape to another world for hours on end.

Always wanted to be an ancient samurai in feudal Japan? We got you. Miss going on vacation? Put on some Oculus headsets and lay down on a random beach in-game, everything will feel all too real!

Promotes Fitness

People like to associate gamers with the imagery of someone that never leaves their couch, completely unwashed, and obese. Well, have you ever heard of the ever-popular Just Dance series? That game will get you moving every single part of your body to the beat of your favorite song, and without realizing it, you’re now a toned dancer.

There are actual fitness games that incorporate the use of VR and newer technology of course, for those who wish to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Games like Ring Fit Adventure, Beat Saber and Wii Fit are just some prime examples.

So if anyone ever scoffs at you for being a gamer thinking you’re going to turn into a lazy bum; challenge them to a game of Just Dance and crush them through the power of dance.

Improves Coordination

Playing video games requires more coordination than meets the eye. Mainly because you would have to stare at a screen while moving your thumbs around the right buttons, and occasionally twirl the joystick to move just enough or everything will crash and burn. Did we mention that there are a lot of buttons? On each side of the controller? Mental.

Pushing the controller aside, coordinating your hands and eyes help with the inner workings of your brain as well. It improves your memory and mental strain in trying to remember the right buttons to press and what to do in the game.

We don’t have to get into the VR equipment to make a point on how they can help with coordination now, do we? Those are pretty straightforward. Games and all their gear most definitely helps with coordination, no questions asked.

Better At Problem Solving

Video games are essentially designed to make players solve problems. Each game has an objective and problem that you would need to solve to get to your desired ending. This takes a lot of thinking and strategizing, especially when it comes to battle royales and strategy games that require you to plan out your moves for the long run.

In short, some video games are comparable to the classic game of chess, except its way more complicated and flashy. There are also moments where players will be forced to decide a path to continue which will affect the outcome of the game. These moments can be tense and stressful, with a time crunch so you would have to make an immediate decision.

Not to mention that literal problem-solving games like the Sherlock Holmes series exist for those who want to get better at solving mysteries.

Tricking Children Into Learning

Have you ever realized how in preschool there are nursery rhymes and simple games that could help kids adapt and learn faster? Well, it’s the same for video games. It’s better in video games as there is a combination of a lot of sensory things that don’t make it seem like a chore for kids to learn. The children probably don’t even realize they’re learning anything.

Through the combination of visual and auditory stimulation, video games could capture the attention of children far easier than any human could. The best part is that they’ll get to learn while having fun, which in turn would make the things they learned easier to remember.

The nice thing is, there is often a lesson to be learned from video games, a moral value of sort. Whether it is to be nice to others or to never give up, there is always a moral to the story. Academic video games exist as well, of course, and those have an obvious lesson of their own.


Video games can be a healthy option if we wanted them to be and it is high time we stop being so negative towards them. In the end, we are the driving force within our own lives and we choose how things impact us. Let us all stop being negative and let people (even ourselves) enjoy video games.