In a time of political uncertainty, healthcare is on the forefront of a revolution. With the repeal and replace underway, we are redefining the way we receive and deliver care.

In a recent intereview I watched Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini shared that 60% of life expectancy is directly related to our lifestyles & social deterrence, while only 10% is related to clinical care we receive.

These statistics affirmed my wellness practice and left me with a strong sense of optimism. Further highlighting the need to shift focus away from (relying on) the healthcare system for our wellness to bringing responsibility right into our own homes.

This new personalized approach to healthcare gives us the power to define what healthcare means to us as individuals and the direct impact we can have on our health.

In order to successfully implement this new model, we must bring awareness to what it is we need to feel our best. This means becoming active participants in our pursuit towards wellness, starting with how we live our lives at home. Our homes are the foundation in which our lives are built. If we can create healthy home, we create a healthy life, for us and our families.

Where do we start? First, we need to take a moment and define what being healthy means to you.

For me, being healthy allows me to show up everyday looking for answers so I can bring awareness to habits that heal, especially for those I love most.

Once you understand your defintion of ‘being healthy’, you instantly create clarity around what it is you want to achieve. This clarity makes the next steps that much easier.

Next, evaluate what is not working or what is holding you back from being healthy.

For example, if you are having trouble sleeping (like me) look at the many reasons why. Do you have too much on your mind? Is this the first time you allowed yourself to slow down all day? Or did you eat certain foods too close to bedtime that your blood sugar/hormone levels are putting you into overdrive? Whatever it is for you, be honest.

Once you shine a flashlight on what’s holding you back, you can take the necessary steps to implement change that works for you and begin to visualize what those changes will do for you, in this case it may be more energy to work on that special project or the ability to wake up earlier to get a good workout in to start your day. Whatever it is, make it personal.

Finally, look for solutions that you can begin to incorporate into your daily life.

Remember, what works for one person looks very different from what works for your mom or best friend.

Going back to my sleep example, my friend uses a sleep mask when she can’t sleep and instantaneously falls asleep. For me, the mask only amplifies my already racing thoughts. Instead I prioritize bedtime routine of winding down, shutting off my phone and of course my sleepy time tea.

You might not know what works for you until you try. But the trial period gives you the ability to learn what actions you take effect your daily life, for better or worse.

This type of knowledge empowers you to feel invested in your health, and investing in your health means investing in your life.

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