Become irresistible, avoid unnecessary heartbreak, and learn the five traits of the Alpha; these are just some of the conditions you learn whilst Stephon Clinkscales teaches you to become the best version of yourself.

Stephon Clinkscales is a mentor and health coach stoking an obsession to help men exceed their expectations, break through barriers, and shoot for the stars in all parts of life. ‘How To Become Cold’ is an intriguing notion, illustrated beautifully in his fact-filled eBook, ‘5 Things That Make You Cold’. Based in the United States but with 200,000 worldwide YouTube subscribers and over 30 million views, including followers in far-reaching countries as Nigeria and Angola, his wise words regularly go viral. The ‘cold’ philosophy is an ethos, a mindset, teaching followers to become one-track-minded, marching towards success, using an arsenal of positive thoughts, words and actions as weapons in a cold world to help previously Beta males become Alpha males. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” quoting Albert Einstein as his mentor, the ‘how to become cold’ teachings will assist you in breaking old school habits; whilst Clinkscales skillfully pinpoints mindsets which only serve to halt the clients’ progress and regurgitate the same results, be it in personal life or the business world. This brilliant entrepreneur will guide you to:

●      Make more money

●      Attract high-quality people into your life

●      Better fashion sense and a calm persona

●      Attract and inspire loyalty from the opposite sex

●      Peace of mind

A quick glance on his social sites demonstrates the eagerness and passion this successful coach has for his life and his surroundings. “Become a GOAT when GOATs are amongst you daily,” Alongside his coaching, he also has his own clothing line; Clinkscales is one of the original go-getters, insistent on taking the world along with him for the ride. “Nice guys finish last, and in most cases, they don’t even finish the race,” you would be wise to follow Stephon Clinkscales in your efforts to become cold.