In fact, falling ill can lead to expensive care and sometimes even the impossibility of working that leads to the stress of work as well as family. This may play bad tricks on our budget. The health insurance was created in order to alleviate these financial difficulties. Created in 1945, health insurance was based on three fundamental principles: quality of care, equal access to care, and solidarity. In theory, health insurance allows everyone to be treated according to their needs, regardless of age and level of resources. Today, health insurance provides access to care for nearly 55 million people.

How does the Health Insurance help to reduce the stress

The health insurance is financed partly by the State, but also by the contributions of the insured. These are taken directly from their salaries. From the birth, each person belongs to a social security system, the affiliation to the health insurance is done automatically. However, the health insurance plan can evolve throughout life depending on the personal and personal situation of the insured. It is important to inform your health insurance fund at every stage of your life such as changing jobs, being unemployed, becoming a parent, getting married, … Indeed, each evolution of your life generates changes in rights. but also the terms of repayment and contribution.

Even if the health insurance depends on the State, its management, in turn, is entrusted to the primary health insurance funds. They are the ones who administer the papers, the refunds and all the steps.

The vital card concretizes the affiliation to the health insurance. From the age of 16, each person has his card, entitled or not. On this card, you will find your social security number and your photo. Thanks to the vital card, you will be in direct contact with your health insurance fund

Indeed, the latter is notified instantly at each visit to the doctor. Repayment procedures will be launched directly. However, in order to avoid any failure leading to a risk of non-reimbursement, it is advisable to update your vital card with each change of situation, but also regularly on the terminals available in pharmacies.

Who needs theInsurance Most?

In general, everybody needs the Insurance but there are some people who need the insurance at most like

  • Soldiers Insurance that is serving the Army
  • Policemen Insurance that is serving their nation for the betterment of their people
  • Armed security guard insurance that is serving the private and public sectors. 

Universal health coverage

Health insurance has created universal health coverage, for the sake of equal access to health for all people not fulfilling the criteria for them to be affiliated with Social Security. Indeed, some people have very low financial resources, not allowing them access to medical care. To benefit from it, you must inquire with the sickness fund of your place of residence. The latter will study your file according to the special criteria and your resources. If your request is accepted, you will pay contributions proportional to the amount of your income. You will thus benefit from the same reimbursement rate as all the insured persons.


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