I have been from a particularly highly influential and financially stable family, but this didn’t work for my people’s health. I would specifically say, my mom who has been suffering from multiple dieses couldn’t get any better with no matter how much we spent on the best doctors around. Yes, she got stable but not better with any visible improvement. This is where I realized health matters and it does, the most. We need to understand the importance and get along with a routine which would complement our health in a longer run. Apart from avoiding junk or processed food we are required to make a clean routine to be followed every day. This certainly means to set a daily pattern which has to be followed religiously every day.  I have seen my mother getting stable by setting her routine more than taking medicines or doctor visits. A better and effective routine would include the following;

  • Sleep early
  • Wake up early
  • Walk or jog for at least 30minutes
  • Take sunlight
  • Work out for at least 15 minutes
  • Start your day with a fresh glass of juice

These small initiatives will lead to a healthy living, letting you enjoy a clean and active lifestyle. This doesn’t require heavy work outs or spending heavy amount in gyms. This is something you can do on your own with better results, being dedicated to your own wellness. Your well-being is your own responsibility and you need to take care of it specifically. All the steps mentioned in this blog above, are simple and easy, yes it would take a lot of effort but it will be definitely worth it. Seeing my family, I would want each one if you to know the significance of health, either you maintain it at home or get it better in your favorite gym. the goal should be achieved, with the way you like.

It would not be wrong at all, if I say that money cannot buy health all the time, which makes you helpless. This is why I quote, precaution is better than cure. Let’s get going with this belief and understanding in order to regain our routines and exposures once again to give our health a chance to revitalize. It wont take a lot of your time; it just requires a good amount of determination and commitment with your own self. I believe, each one of you out there love your self and would definitely rethink about stepping out of your unhealthy routines to grasp this one.  You can of course modify it according to your ease, but keeping the intentions same. Therefore, I personally have opted to this routine and observed wonders within myself, entailed with sheer positivity ad goodness.