Me and my family are so much appreciated about ThriveZP Global products and the challengies ,we are opportun to this life changing programs. Since we had been part of the ThriveZP Community Family, We realized that living healthy is more than be a millionaire without good health. Most especially at this critical time of COVID-19 Pandemic .That we could achieved as much we did in the past view months ago.

   My name are Musibau Abiodun Akintehinde. Aka Abbey. Married and blessed with four children. We lived in Newark, New Jersey. I got started with Thrive ZP last year 2019. I faced lots of life challenges in other to support  my self and family. I discussed my life challenges with Sunday Oguntoyinbo. He was able  to encouraged me and told me to make a better  choices with ZP. He was my ZP mentor and also a Thrive  ZP Star.
  However, he inspired me and my family every day. My last 21 days of better choices made huge difference in my family.  Since I joined ZP, My ZP fitness keep me alive. My daily workout was a total transformation. At work  home and in the community I made btw 15,000 to 25,000 steps. I lost 15pound likewise wife lost 15pounds, after she gave birth. Before I joined ZP,  I love fast food and junk meals, but now that I joined ZP, My wife made lots of food preps for the family.  We added lot of vegetables more of greens, fruits, Proteins like fish,  chicken and also seafood to our meal. We drank lots of water instead of soda. We are living healthy. ZP help us to safe alots of money. I paid all my bills on time.
  Furthermore, my wife stop working  due to COVID-19 pandemic since Febuary before the delivery of our new baby girl. I supported  my family every day. I saved $200 out of my pay check for my children education and future mortgage. My family living happily.  During this COVID-19,  I really have time for family . My fellow  Associates saw a change in my life. I even Introduced ThriveZP to some of them .Thrive ZP keep me focused on all my better choices and I learned from ZP better choices app every day.  Thank God for joining Thrive ZP challenge. My life has changed for good. No more regret in our life.
The folliwing are the lessons I learned and gained from thrive ZP:
ZP keep focused, 
ZP keep me determined
ZP keep me accountable for my Spending i.e Financial aspect of life is better now than before.
ZP keep me sleeping 8hrs every day now. Before I slept 5hrs. Sleep is very important.  Thank you ThriveZP for toolbox.  I love to listened to it inside the app. The below area of better choice that inspired me most is my finances, fitness, steps has improved. as I mentioned above. eating habit has changed too and my family living in harmony and healthy.
  Conclusively, I will continue Thriving ZP. No going back.  Consistency matters. My goals is to accomplish all my better choices and win big money.
My advice for everyone that joined Thrive ZP challenge is that they should continue make better choice and one day , there story can be inspired one day and win big. always have it at the back of your mind that HEALTH IS WEALTH.  I would like to Thank ThriveZPGlobal and Walmart for this great opportunities.  God bless you.

Thank you ThriveZPGlobal Team.