Enchantment Resort has majestic views and is a must experience for every human being!  In today’s busy go go go mentality this is the cherry spot to help realign and balance so we can live in harmony and live in flow.  The staff is incredible they welcome you with such grace and the people I met while there are truly special beautiful gems. Go solo or with loved ones, sit in solitude or meet cool new people, anything goes. The resort & spa I feel has one purpose to serve the needs of the people that come.  

 The cutest deer family on the property! I think Monsoon season is one of the best times to go…super moody and romantic…. 

Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa are located in Sedona, ArizonaIt’s a two-hour drive North of Phoenix and Scottsdale, and 114 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Surrounded by the towering red rock walls of Northern Arizona’s Boynton Canyon, Enchantment Resort combines the rugged grandeur of the Southwest landscape with equal parts luxury and Native American culture. The 70-acre resort is designed to embrace the awe-inspiring scenery with one-story guest accommodations and panoramic views of rock formations and pine forests. Trust me, it’s mind blowingly beautiful! 

Enchantment Resort offers guests a choice of more than 100 activities each week, including: Guided hiking and mountain biking excursions, Tennis and golf clinics, Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Energy Dance, High intensity fitness classes, Culinary classes in healthy cooking, the benefits of tea, juicing, wine tasting, and organic gardening and composting, Native American programs, Creative photography, watercolors, gourd decoration, Guided Meditation, stargazing, evening lectures.
This really cool sweet man named George who works on the property took us out on two private tours!  A 2.5 memorable hike and the other my first time ever mountain biking George guided us not only by way of showing us the land but by giving words of wisdom and beautiful poetic tokens of life and their motherly – fatherly lessons.  It was super nurturing & enriching,  having the experiences with George made the whole experience very memorable and touched my heart in a deep heartfelt way.  We found out George is a talented artist! Check out his creations here.

Watching the beautiful sunset in peace at the Mii Amo 

Some Art & History:

The creation of this destination spa was inspired by one of the most spectacular natural settings on earth, Boynton Canyon, and by the Native American culture that graces the region. The Yavapai-Apache consider Boynton Canyon a sacred place, the site of their creation story. Enchantment Group commissioned Gluckman Tang Architects, known for their sensibility to art and light in projects like The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, the expansion of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, and the Museo Picasso Malaga in Spain. Mii amo embraces the surrounding natural beauty of Boynton Canyon with a contemporary yet organic architecture that echoes the Anasazi architectural aesthetic. The New York Times cited it as one of “The Decade’s Most Influential New Hotels” and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture awarded it an American Architecture Award. 

About Mii Amo

Mii amo promotes wellness and personal transformation through mind, body and spiritual therapies. Offering rich immersion in Native American beauty, energy and inspiration, guests are invited to participate in three-, four- or seven-night all-inclusive Journeys. With just 16 guest rooms, Mii amo’s intimate environment encourages guests to discover deep connections with themselves, with others, and with nature resulting in a poignant wellness experience. World-class therapists care deeply about each guest, guiding them through the process of recalibration and rejuvenation

While I was there I found out that Mii Amo Spa was ranked as the “Number #1 Domestic Destination Spa in the U.S. ” by Travel + Leisure magazine!  How cool is that!?


On the left: Parisian Gnocchi Summer Squash, Heirloom Tomato, Poached Egg, Corn Puree  cal 350, fat 20f, carb 9g, prot 3g — On the right: Beet & Strawberry Salad, Mixed Greens, Feta Cheese, Sunflower Seed Vinaigrette, Lemon Oil  Cal 310, fat 19g, carb 31g, prot 7g
On the left: Grilled Asparagus, Toasted Almonds Cal 90, fat 5g, carb 11g, prot 3g — On the right: Vegan Sweet Corn Risotto, Local Sweet Corn, Vegan Parmesan, Summer Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, cal 520, fat 12g, carb 95g, prot 17g
On the Left: Forest Berry Mouse Honey- Sweetened Mouse, Fresh Berries cal 350, fat 18g, carb 41g, prot 10g  On the Right: Sorbets, Chocolate, Lemon- Lavender, Prickly Pear-Tequila
Chonacas with Mr. Jim Root GM of Mii Amo Spa

 Please click the link below and hear for yourself all the beautiful delights Mr. Jim Root shares about Mii Amo, Enchantment Resort and the sacred land!  Mr. Root is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met.  I love his voice and his mission for his own practice and to help support others on their journeys.   I hope to go back asap and indulge in an all inclusive package.  Trust me when I do I truly look forward to sharing my journey with you! 

Hear Mr. Jim Root sharing all the gems about Mii Amo spa and land! 

Make sure to put oneself first and your loved ones first by taking time to stay off electronics, nourish you heart, mind, body and soul.  

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