A picture says more than a thousand words. Instagram, a platform for sharing photos, is used as a way to communicate. Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered how Instagram can be used to eat healthier food. Social media is a tool that is a big part of our daily life. Linking Instagram to healthier eating is a simple but positive way to stay on track.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, a food diary or tracking app is a tool you may have used. It has been quite a challenge to describe meals and remember what you have eaten. However, taking photos is another way to capture these details.

Instagram allows users to have different identities within an account. This allows someone to have an account for healthy eating and an account for daily life, without having to bury his or her friends under the messages about healthy eating. Instagram keeps a log of all the photos you have taken and offers the possibility to describe the photo in the form of a caption. You can use hashtags, such as #food journal, to follow different users or friends using this hashtag. In this way you can motivate each other directly or exchange photos with each other. In addition, you are also supported by a large global community. What the researchers found useful was that if a user scrolls through your posts, he or she sees everything that you have eaten and drunk lately. In this way, trends in nutrition can be recognized and form a visual representation of portion sizes and balanced meals.

Your goal is to lose a large number of kilos. Through tools like Instagram, thanks to the feedback to our followers, we can strengthen the sense of responsibility for our health – naturally always within the limits of general respect.

That social media affects our lives is not new, but according to the vegan top chef Gaz Oaklay we also eat a lot healthier through social media.

Social media is often put away as something that is bad for your health. The edited photos on Instagram often present us with an unrealistic image. These photos do not always reflect reality and therefore you should not let too much influence on it.

A vegan chef claims that social media has a positive influence on your health. According to the British Oakley, Instagram also has a positive effect on our health.


“I think there is a lot of knowledge and information about healthy eating nowadays, and social media really helped that. It’s such a great platform to use to get inspiration, “says the 26-year-old vegan chef at the Huffington Post.

Chef Oakley has more than 228,000 followers on Instagram and 250,000 followers on Youtube. He says that it is much easier for social media to find information and gain inspiration for healthy eating. Because we can communicate with everyone in the world through social media.


  • Create a Instagram account and Gain Instagram followers save your favorite recipes. Instagram is full of healthy recipes.
  • Make use of apps. You do not have to count as a crazy calories. But if you want to keep an eye on what you actually put in your mouth, it can be useful to use an app like Fatsecret or Myfitnesspal .
  • Healthy cooking complicated? Ha, finally a reason to YouTube endlessly, because the video platform is full of How to videos. This way you can make a healthy and tasty meal on the table within a few steps.