David JC Cutler

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in a way that nobody could have ever imagined. With most of us compelled to remain home in a bid to isolate ourselves from the infection, it has affected lifestyles to a great degree. We are very quickly slipping into a sedentary lifestyle, not getting adequate exercise, and eating loads of junk food sitting in front of the TV or even at our desks in our virtual offices. Under these circumstances, when you need to maintain social distancing, it can be challenging to sustain an active lifestyle. Some effective tips for remaining healthy and active without exposing ourselves to infection:

Maintain an Active Lifestyle, Recommends David JC Cutler

Even though gyms and fitness centers may not be open in your neighborhood, you can explore quite a few alternatives for getting adequate physical activity without compromising your safety. The safest option is to stay at home and perform aerobic exercise that you can learn from online videos or by attending online classes being conducted by many gym instructors and trainers. You can also perform weight management exercises or workouts for keeping your muscles toned using stuff readily available in your home. You can easily go out for a brisk walk or a jog or even do push-ups in the park away from the others. It can help to go out early or late in the evening to avoid proximity to others.

Get Adequate Sleep

Getting adequate and restful sleep is vital to have good physical and mental health. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), not getting enough sleep can negatively affect the immune system and make us prone to many illnesses. While different individuals have different sleep requirements, David JC Cutler recommends that adults should get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Eat Healthy

One of the first things that go for a toss when we are cooped up in our homes is our diet and nutrition. It is easy to fall prey to bad eating habits and getting depressed seeing the gloomy news of the pandemic getting worse by the day. It is also common to eat more junk foods to keep our anxieties and fears at bay. To prevent becoming more susceptible to illnesses, it is important to have a nutritious and balanced diet. Make it a point to have balanced meals with a proper mix of carb, proteins, fats, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Choose whole grains over refined flours and fresh vegetables and fruits instead of processed and frozen stuff.


If you have been prescribed medications for existing health conditions, be sure to continue with them. In case there are any concerns, you should reach out to your healthcare provider without delay. Learning to relax and stay calm by meditating, exercising, reading, listening to light music, or engaging in hobbies and interest is vital to coping with stress and anxiety. Even though you are homebound, you can still make it a point to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues over the phone, on social media, or through video conferencing.